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Working hard on my Sonic Chronicles sequel!   Sorry it'll be long, but I hope it'll be fun at least! XD


Sonic Chronicles 2: Eggman's Legacy

Taking place right after the events of "The Dark Brotherhood", Sonic and his crew return to their world to find Eggman and his new empire had completely taken over, and that they've been gone for 200 years!

You are in Sonic's P.O.V as you and your friends make your way through this strange, new world and work together with the Resistance, led by Silver the Hedgehog. You must decide the best course of action in order to take down Eggman Nega AND to return to your rightful timeline!

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Profiles on 10/17/2020 11:37:15 AM

OH AWESOME!  Thanks!  XD

Question about posting on 12/19/2019 5:21:12 PM

So I REALLY want to post my Game-Story, but due to having so many paths and getting burned out, plus real-life events that got in the way, I have to put in on hiatus for an uncertain amount of time...

It says not to post "demos" but would this still be considered a "demo" if it's just an unfinished product that I'm not sure of when I'd actually be able to go back and finish on?

Speaking of which, where could I go to request a collab in so I could get help with this "unfinished" story of mine?

Chapter Question on 8/23/2019 2:29:30 PM

I think my question got answered in another post, but I did't see specifics (just that I can't edit an already published story)

But even if you publish Chapter 1, can you still add additional chapters afterwards?  Or do you have to have everything finished before you can publish everything?

I've been working on this fic for over a year, and I'm so happy to find this place where I can share it!


BTW, I'm a newbie.  Hello!