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Nous Donnez de l'Art? jnsp

Le Francais ce n'est pas mon langue maternelle, donc desole pour le grand manque d'accents et mon mauvaise orthographe partout. Je fais cela premierement pour ameliorer mes competences francais.

The Quiet Night Persists

In a world where the sun is lost, humanity depends on a mysterious God, previously dismissed as only myth, for survival. For four hundred years the system has remained unchanged, but now as whispers begin to grow fearful of this strange man who insists his right is to rule, the people begin to wonder what their king is hiding.

(May be published any time between next month and next year bc my writing speed is very inconsistent)

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Hey Bilingual Folks! on 3/24/2021 8:38:31 AM

Et voici moi, francais etudiant, trop paresseux d'utiliser les accents, sans une seule histoire complete ici, mais je suppose que j'essaierai malgre tout cela.

Question for people who enjoy fantasy. on 11/22/2020 1:36:17 PM

Honestly looking forward to writing about "the strange forms the sand people's magic takes, where light-pictures apparate from a cold black mirror, and white stars are encased in glass to light their way at night." That's got to be my favourite part about crossing sci fi and fantasy.

 And yes there are sand people.

Question for people who enjoy fantasy. on 11/22/2020 11:05:30 AM

Okay, well thank you a load to the both of you. You're probably right there. I actually forgot tags were a thing lmao, I don't usually pay attention to them. Sorry to everyone who does, y'all should be warned I'm horrible at this kind of thing, meaning anything that isn't the actual story.

Question for people who enjoy fantasy. on 11/22/2020 6:59:09 AM

If you're playing a fantasy game, and the story suddenly reveales a massive science fiction element, is this going to frustrate you at all? And are there any specific things that could tip the balance for you?

Also do you have any tips for doing this because I'm infinately worried I'm going to slip into writing pure sci fi, which I know is a big no if I started out in fantasy.

Also also, because I'd like to get as much information from a single post as possible, where do I put my storygame when I'm finished? Should I leave it in dark fantasy where I think it should probably be seeing as most of it falls into here, or somewhere else? If you play it a certain way you can get by with only one fantasy element in the whole thing. 

Literally anything anyone can give me here is very much appreciated. Thank you for reading this train wreck of a question.

Happy 2019 everyone!!! on 12/31/2018 8:11:05 PM

Happy New year everyone, at least It was in England an hour ago, but knowing the internet, most of you guys are probably American (please don't hate it you're not) but let's hope for an amazing 2019, Goodnight, and Good Luck.

LGBT Scifi Story lol on 12/31/2018 4:04:35 AM

Agree so much though! Not trying to promote here but I'm doing the same thing, with superheroes, not aliens. Steal my idea if you want I'll probs never finish anyway lol.

Hello everyone! on 9/4/2018 9:36:24 AM

Hey! We're happy to have you here ( I think) and don t stress over stuff you enjoy,you clearly don't mind writing long intros , so the beginnings must be even better!

Reccomendations?!?!?!? ( for me not from me ) on 9/4/2018 9:33:31 AM

Anyone have any suggestions for storygames with awesome plots or that are just really fun, plez tell me.

Hey everyone new guy here. on 6/14/2018 2:03:04 PM

Unique's a bit of an understatement don't you think?

Hi then peeps... on 5/11/2018 1:53:08 PM

Half 'n half ??