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Questions I have for my first story. on 5/15/2019 6:58:43 PM

The first one I have is to do with the dreaded topic of fan fiction. Yes, I know so original, but as I continue with my concept of the idea I find that it is becoming less and less a fan fiction. It is starting to be more about the powers and the world than it is about the characters that people of the fandom know and love. I am starting to question if what I am trying to write a fanfic or a story that is inspired by the source material. I guess my question is should I try and keep it so that the original fans can still identify with it or should I just write want I want and not be concerned how true it is to the source material? 

The second one that I have is should I use stats for my first story game? I love when stats are in a game because it gives me something to look at and evaluate how well I am doing in a numerical value. It would also lend itself well to what I am writing. My fear is that this is something that is well outside my skill level and is not something that can be learned easily. How hard is it to use and should I try to with my first story?