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I want to see what people think of my stories, and i hope my stories will lead me to one of the greatest authors on the site! Of course not all my stories will be good(i'm sure), but everyone makes mistakes!

Cow stands for,"creator of worlds". I hope my mix of games will entertain, and make sense to you.


A Robotic Adventure!

You are a temperamental kid, who is full of empathy. Your name is Barry. Barry is no stranger to robotics, and he makes simple projects like a light switch mechanism with his dad. This imaginative, and adventurous,first-person story will feature a humanoid, who can eat, bleed,and feel pain, but who's also immortal and very strong. And only one person will be selected to be moved in the newly finished robot. And who ever will be the robot will be sent to another universe, and get the opportunity to explore the mystical worlds...Will you be the one, who gets the opportunity?

Healthy life to the state of massive decay

You will be a sweet, brave eleven year old girl, who has a good life with her mother, father, and her friends at school. But after some researching by the CDC, they finally confirm that the attacks (which were reported) are done by hostile dead people! They're new bodies, so they look like, and act like living
people, but their eye pupils are red, and their veins are bulging, and black.
You, and your family try to escape your city, and look for someplace better...

House of Creepiness

You're a seventeen year old girl named,Christine. One day your mother drove you to school, and on the way you noticed a newly finished, normal,brick,two story house. The same day, at school a student dared you to sneak in the house, before someone moves in. And you do, and when you went inside in midnight, you didn't get the vibe of the outside on the inside...This first-person thriller will focus mainly on a house with great mystery. Instead of just a rumor about it being evil, it might be a fact, and you have to decide on how to escape after being locked in!

Minecraft:storymode Season three! EP-1

I was a fan of Telltale's, Minecraft:story mode, and I still think it's a cool game. Thanks to Telltale's, The walking dead game, I'm a nut for zombies now! But when i was a fan of Minecraft:storymode season 1 and season 2, I hoped there would be a season three. But Telltale went bankrupt, and it's very unlikely there's gonna be a third game. But I decided,"What the heck? I'm making my version of, season three"! But I'm not mad at them for ending the story, because it's A LOT of work to make a game. Especially games like Minecraft:storymode. And it's their story after all. Any way, I hope you enjoy Minecraft:storymode-season three! It will be a third-person point of view, and
you will control Jesse. And don't worry. You will confirm a few choices you made or want to go with in season two. And you will choose the gender of Jesse.

------------------------EPISODE:ONE-THE NEXT ADVENTURE...----------------------