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Dream Labyrinth

One night, you seem particularly tired. As you lay your head down to the pillow, you begin to fall into darkness. You cannot wake up, you are lost in your own dream. Can you escape the Dream Labyrinth?

A Note on this game

This game is possible to win, though it is very difficult. If you get lost or stuck, please feel free to PM me and I will give you hints or advice, or you could talk to other people who have managed to complete it.

My Goal for this Story

When I started this story, I had some key things in mind. After playing many of the games on this site, I realized that many  simply  explained where you were, and what was there. I have tried, instead of simply giving information about the environment, to make the reader 'sense' the environment, without just using images which vaguely match the story. I also wanted to create a game that people wanted to play more than once, possibly until they win. Please let me know if I have suceeded, thanks. ;-)

ShadowMaster: Legacy of the King
You were once a loyal subject and friend of the good King of Gyle. The city was renowned for its gorious landscape, it's welcoming citizens, and its solid economy. Each day the sun rose defiantly, and the wind shared its warmth throughout the streets.

Two years ago, the King became very ill and died. The throne was taken by his half brother, Taladros, and the new King cast his selfish shadow over the city, exploiting what his predecessor had built. He leeched off the people: taxing, killing and enslaving them.

Rich men befriended the new king, and famillies tore as the poor were separated from the wealthy. The king's insane taxes drove the city into crime, those who couldn't pay were slaughtered.

In your wealth, you had every opportunity to join the leagues of the new king, but you stood against all his policies, and ended up on death row as an enemy of the throne. You spent six cold nights in a dungeon cell, marking the walls in blood the days till you died. It is here you met Eskalier Hoathe.

Your escape baffled the king's greatest scholars, and you quickly became one of the most wanted men in Gyle. In the shadows you trained as a rogue by your teacher, Hoathe. Your skills slowly began to bear fruit, as you claimed handsom rewards from your missions.

One night, you arranged to meet Hoathe in the cellar of an old inn, but completely out of character, he did not show up. You later discovered that on his last mission in the house of a rich baron, he had been caught and executed.

You now walk the streets alone.