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Bastard's rise

What will the son of a mercenary captain do once he realizes he has a claim to the throne

Demon's wrath

my contest entry

Mount and Blade


The Colony's demise

The colony has been a vital part of the Nexus Corporation. Why? No one knows. but you, the inspector have been sent to check on their progress and see if they need any resources. Once you arrive there is a distress signal.
My contest entry for 'Creatures of the night'

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Great job Paris! on 4/15/2019 6:15:15 PM

The Christians are just that good at false flag attacks. 

Great job Paris! on 4/15/2019 6:07:10 PM


Can someone take this child's twitter away during a crisis, although watching twitter roast him is pretty fun 

Game of Thrones - Season 8 on 4/15/2019 5:40:50 PM

I watched the newest episode earlier and it seems it had done what it set out on what it had to do, the pieces are mostly set in motion with some more in episode 2, I also liked the callbacks to season 1 with the opening scene which shows a young boy watching as royalty visits Winterfell, and the scene in the crypt were two best friends discuss something which has potential to backfire in a big way. The comedy wasn't too bad either and was much needed as this is basically the calm before the storm, I just hope that they don't overdo it in the upcoming episodes and aren't afraid of making it dark as it needs to be, which seems likely if the scene at Last Hearth is any indication. This brings me to my first complaint the lighting was a major pain in the ass as I could barely see anything and had to adjust my brightness accordingly. Another complaint I would say is how unimportant they treated Jon and his ability to fly Rhaegal, in the fighting pits of Meeren is was seen as an important event which it was as no one has ridden a dragon in hundreds of years, but in this episode it was a minute of struggling to get on and that was that basically, then they went on their romantic ride. I should probably quit writing now...

Great job Paris! on 4/15/2019 5:18:56 PM

I will do you one better, it was a Christian hoping to frame Muslims for this to encourage violence 

See how easy it is? 

Great job Paris! on 4/15/2019 5:15:34 PM

Never underestimate human stupidity, anyway from the news reports so far it seems likely the structure is safe  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-europe-47942176

50 words story thread. on 12/24/2018 2:20:29 PM

"Young Writers (5-11) category winning story by Cameron McBain, age 9

All 13 witches gathered stealthily around the long oak table.
"It's time to have our winter feast!" said the leader.
"How dare you kill our makers!" shouted a voice.
10 snowmen came in and stabbed all the witches using their carrot noses and stick arms.
"Feast time?" said a snowman.."


This kid has potential on becoming a serial killer when they are older 

What was the best book you had to read at school? on 12/23/2018 3:32:08 PM

The teacher left later that year if my memory serves me right.

Not saying it is related.

What To Do For My First Storygame? on 12/22/2018 4:15:29 PM

That kid was retarded. On behalf of everyone, thank you 

What was the best book you had to read at school? on 12/22/2018 3:51:23 PM

Mine would have to be "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. My class was given it two years ago to read and we also watched the movie. The teacher read some of it out and he definitely nailed the voices. 

EndMaster’s Fanfic Story Contest on 12/21/2018 5:23:00 PM

It has been 5 days and I can't get anywhere, guess its time to drop out