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Bastard's rise

What will the son of a mercenary captain do once he realizes he has a claim to the throne

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50 words story thread. on 6/14/2019 9:04:37 PM

I wake up, get dressed and work at my mediocre job. After my boring day, I pack up and walk home. A lone gunman appears and threatens to kill me unless I pay, I frantically give him my money. The last thing I saw was the flash. I wake up...

50 words story thread. on 6/7/2019 5:40:56 PM

The Teenager walked down his usual path. In the corner of his eye, he witnessed a woman get beaten. Her pleas full of anguish and fear, the youth put on his headphones and rushed past the scene. Ignorance is truly bliss.


50 words story thread. on 6/7/2019 5:31:52 PM

Shit, before anyone mentions it, I just noticed the repetition of "swore". 

50 words story thread. on 6/7/2019 5:27:37 PM

"The realm needs you, the invaders have taken the capital."

"They swore my head would be on a pike if I ever returned."

"But the oracle swore you were the one to lead us."

"Never trust prophecy, old friend," The exiled prince said mournfully, he never looked back. 

HELLO, I LIKE RAPE! on 6/6/2019 1:10:09 PM

Shut up or get out faggot.

50 words story thread. on 5/31/2019 4:36:30 PM

This was his chance. Since he was a boy, he always wanted to be a hero, so he observes the battlefield and looks for his chance, he found it. The king dueling with a knight, he hastily charges towards the rival monarch and an arrow finds itself in his neck 

A man approaches you... on 5/31/2019 4:23:52 PM

This is stupid and you should die.

The DUEL Stories - May 2019 on 5/31/2019 4:20:52 PM

Well, I got second last that was one place higher than I expected. 

I got a creepy message on facebook on 5/31/2019 5:45:28 AM

This guy has to be trolling, I refuse to believe this guy can be this fucking weird and creepy (coming from a weird and creepy guy)

Phrases I don't understand on 5/30/2019 10:23:39 AM

I am going to treasure this forever.