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Dances With Sasquatch, a New Storygame eBook! on 8/17/2015 7:35:53 PM

Hey all,

I'm a regular user of the site, primarily for playing through stories on a choose-your-own-adventure podcast (as already discussed in this thread). Under that same brand, my co-hosts and I just released our own Kindle ebook of 6 interactive stories, called Dances With Sasquatch (Go Your Own Way: Interactive Adventures Vol. 1). The stories are 100% original, with some inspiration taken from our experiences on the podcast. Here are some brief descriptions of the stories we wrote:

"Riddles of the Sasquatch" A tea date with the infamous creature takes an appropriately mysterious turn—but where will his thought-provoking riddles lead you? 

"8 Ball" Call the shots from the perspective of a fortune-telling plastic ball. But as you might surmise, when a superstitious man lets you direct his life, it’s far from child’s play. 

"Danza de la Bestia" Take to the dance floor with your spirit animal in this highly illegal man-animal dance competition! Can you fulfill your destiny and create an eternal bond with your animal in time for the big event? 

"The Maze" After awaking in a seemingly endless hedge maze, you soon find yourself thrown into a frenzy as you run from—or toward—something… or someone. 

"Encounter of the Korndorf Kind" You’re a young attorney who gets hired by the maniacal (if not literally demonic) Korndorf, but his road to becoming a judge is paved with sadistic mind games and cold-blooded murder. Ready to start earning that paycheck? 

"Purgatorium" Your soul has become trapped in the middle space of the spirit world. In order to push it toward either eternal light or darkness, you must replay major moral decisions from your past life.


So yes, this is pretty much just a shameless self-promotion, but if you have any questions or comments regarding this book (or the process of creating these types of stories in ebook format), just ask!

Choose Your Own Adventure Podcast on 6/2/2015 7:15:30 AM

Haha, we debated doing that story but figured it would be entertaining. And it was! We probably won't come across one like that again for a while.

If anyone's interested, the link in the original post is broken since our host site restructured. You can find any of our episodes here:

Candy Quest on 10/13/2014 4:31:23 PM

Did you ever get around to fixing this story? We're choosing 3 short stories for our podcast tomorrow and I wanted to do this because the description sounded pretty entertaining. But if it's broken then, well.

Choose Your Own Adventure Podcast on 10/7/2014 2:59:44 AM

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I wasn't expecting this many responses but this is really helpful. We're recording our next one tomorrow night so we'll be picking one from this list (with others to follow).

Choose Your Own Adventure Podcast on 10/6/2014 3:03:31 AM

Hi all,

I discovered this site a few weeks ago while preparing to launch a new "choose your own adventure" podcast. The community here seems pretty active, which stood out to me.

Eventually my two co-hosts and I want to start reading from some actual books but it seems like this site has enough stories to keep us busy for quite a while. We've only played through 2 so far but we'll be doing a new one every week.

If you're interested you can give us a listen here:

Obviously some stories are rated better than others but since we're new here, are there any in particular you guys would recommend? We're open to suggestions! smiley