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Ugilick here. You know, "THE DICK OF CYS" I may also be known as the Dark Lord of Antkind

Against all accounts I'm actually a pretty nice guy. If you need anything just let me know!




Turn 1: Mountain, Signal Pest
Turn 2: Mountain, Goblin Guide, Memnite, Kuldotha Rebirth
Turn 3: Mountain, -Tap 3, Devastating Summons (Sacrifice 3 mountains), Goblin Bushwacker. Swing for 27.
Win. Alternatively play Legion Loyalist instead of Goblin Guide.

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Out of the Dark

 All life shall know death as death seeks to know all life.

This game has three endings.

So Long Long Days

You never know what the future holds. That's what people say. Other people say it's in the bones, on your palms, in the cards, or even up there - in the stars.

Harris Nash Brunson is a man of uncanny intuition. Human kind had begun living among the stars before his birth, but Nash has never joined them. He lives his life earthbound, chasing fugitives across the globe.

In a way, you could say that every story is about the past.

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Retro Future CYOA on 7/17/2017 9:18:58 PM

This is seriously cool. Thanks for sharing.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/17/2017 9:11:24 PM

Thanks, I don't think there are enough smaller scale hero stories. Not everything needs to be on an epic scale. More personal tellings can be highly impactful. Body counts/lives at stake are not the measure of the impact of a story.  I look forward to seeing what you produce.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/15/2017 3:25:09 PM

I had wondered why you had been on so long today.

CYS Yu Gi Oh Cards! - pt 2 on 7/15/2017 2:10:49 PM

I like your sense of balance.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/13/2017 1:35:57 PM

Mizal has that covered. Just skim through the thread.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/13/2017 12:28:25 PM

I hear you. If I enter, I'm planning to feature cuckolding in my story.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/8/2017 9:56:15 PM

You could wager 25. No one ought think badly of your doing so. Though some might think badly of what your write. Spandex...spandex?

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/7/2017 5:42:24 PM

If you don't mind my asking, as you've perked my interest, what is the scale for your story? More clearly how wide reaching are the events detailed?

Hero stories can be very different depending on how much the author is asking us to believe, both in what the characters can do, the rules the character behaves by, and what types of events are possible, the rules the world behaves by.

Are events local, regional, continental, or global? So on.

Dividing Time on 7/6/2017 9:06:04 PM

A. Perks my interest. It does so because what would probably be the twist in the story isn't known by the description you gave.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/5/2017 10:26:07 PM

" I don't think any of us could ever live that down. "

I'm just not sure how one's sense of worth and your supposition of everyone else's sense of worth could be based on whether someone you don't know does exceedingly well or not.

Although, my primary intention was to play back at your joke, because I thought it was funny, and that it would also be funny to interject a bit of wit back at it.

How's your contest entry coming along?