How to Create a Quiz with the Advanced Editor.

by JJJ-thebanisher

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To understand this individual article, you should have a basic knowledge of the advanced editor, a basic knowledge of variables, played at least three quizzes before, a willingness to learn.


So you want to make a quiz, and you want to use the Advanced Editor.  Before I start writing the actual meat  I want to make a small separation between two very different types quizzes.

Quiz Type 1: Basic.
Basic quizzes are any quiz that ends the game before the final question.  What I mean is, if there is only one or two right answer and all the others lead to a page that says something like: "Sorry, your wrong".  This type of quiz is impeccably easy to cheat on because if you press the back button then you can keep guessing until you get the right one.  An example of a quiz like this would be:!

Quiz Type 2: Advanced.
This type of quiz is the more sneaky and more complex but also more realistic type of quiz.  Every single answer leads to the next question no matter if it was right or wrong.  But the right answer adds on ten score to the player.  Score is invisible so you don't know if you got it right or wrong.  If there were five questions, and you got them all right, then obviously you would have 50 score.  On the last page of the game there will be a couple different links (answers) on the last page, each one will have a restriction on it.  You can only see it if you have a certain amount of score. An example would be:

Five correct (must have fifty score to see)
Four Correct (Must have forty score to see)
Three correct (must have thirty score to see)
Two Correct (Must have twenty score to see)
One Correct (Must have ten score to see)
Zero Correct (Must have zero score to see)

As you can see you could only see one link, and that would lead you to one page.  There you would get your personalized ending. An example would be:

How to actually make the quiz

Step one: Decide what quiz it is.  Make sure you are able to devise tricky and possible questions for the entire game.  A good quiz should be about something you like and something that you will be able to make lots of questions out of.

Step Two: Go through title/description, etc..  Read the article on game making 101 for more information on this.  Make sure you check the advanced editor check box under more options.  I don't usually allow user saves on my quizzes because I unpublished them a bit and they usually aren't long.  The long ones I do allow user saves for.

Step Three: Create the first page and ask your question.

Step Four: Write the first answer (might not be the right one), now write the other answers BUT make them all go to the same page as the first answer.  Now you should have only two pages.  Add 5 Score to the correct answer link, and make sure that the display variable on all pages box is unchecked.

Step Five: Repeat the same process, until you have the desired amount of questions.

Step Six: Count your questions and multiply the number by five.  So if you have five questions and on each question the right answer gives five points, (5X5) you will have a maximum of score of 25.

Step Seven: Know your range.  Its always 0-(Answer of *X5 replace * by number of questions). Then choose three (or more) points on your range.  I always include the lowest, highest and middle point.  So 0, 25, and 15.  If you wanted you could use 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.  That just means a bit more personalization, and work.

Step Eight: Make one link for each selected point.  So, for our quiz of five questions, 0, 15, and 25.  So links would be:

0-2 Questions correct.  (Add a restriction that only allows a player with 0-14 score to view, this means that they could only have a maximum of two correct. Also insure that that you don't have the link visible without the requirements met.)
3-4 Questions correct. (Repeat process except with score 15-24)
5 Questions correct. (Repeat process except with 25)

Step Nine: Write the personalized endings and put an end game link on each ending page.  So for instance:

Page Name: 0-2 questions correct.
Page Text: Unfortunately if this were a school test, you would have failed miserably.  Better luck next time.
Links: End game.

Do this for all of the endings.  Try to beef up the endings more then that quick one.

Now you are ready to enlist in the ranks of the ever growing quiz section, without a cheatable quiz.