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"Somehow there was comfort in coffee despite his misery; the only comfort in a black world." -- Hornblower in the West Indies


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Featured Story Kelly Unicornstrider and Friends (1982-1985) Super Quiz

A comprehensive quiz + bonus fan faction about the the underrated cult classic show "Kelly Unicornstrider and Friends" (1982-1985). Questions range from really easy to really difficult.

Featured Story Private Game for Natalie

I think putting this on "publish" makes it so only we can see this. It's just for us, sweetie. I made it to celebrate our anniversary and remember some special intimate moments together over the years in an interesting way as a present for you.

I hope you love it, Natalie, as much as I love you!

(Of course if there's any admin looking at this, or if I messed up, don't read this, because it's got private things in it.)

Featured Story Sabbatical Report Presentation

This is my required report to the full faculty in accordance with the rules noted in the Faculty Handbook (version 15.1, as of October 2017)

Sixteen Words

"Personally I can only read 16 words in one go before words stop working," wrote Mizal.


This game has sixteen words per path.  Not counting "The End."  So you can play quickly.


When reviewing, please use precisely sixteen words.   That should be plenty for your suggestions and observations.


Note this challenge connected with this game:  Write the Last Page!

Articles Written

Basic Sentence Structure: Additive Sentences
Comma Use and Additive Sentences with lots of examples

Cumulative Sentences, Part 1
An introduction to the sophisticated and elegant cumulative sentence style.

Dialogue Punctuation
This is a brief discussion of how to punctuate dialogue in US and UK English. It also notes a few rules for quotation mark use in general.

Relative Sentences
A lecture on how to write relative sentences using restrictive and non-restrictive clauses.

Semicolons and Advanced Additive Sentences
This article explains how to use semicolons to create new types of additive sentences. It includes the plain semicolon and semicolons with transition words.

Understanding Style: The Sweet Style
An introduction to style, focusing on "sweet" style. How to recognize it, when to use it, and when to avoid it.

Recent Posts

Another Loose CoG on 2/21/2020 7:24:19 PM

I publicly have your back and show a unified front regarding this matter.

Another Loose CoG on 2/21/2020 6:11:21 PM

> How long is such ranting tolerated here

With you here now?  Maybe it has another day left in it.  You never know. 

Another Loose CoG on 2/21/2020 5:50:38 PM

Actually, I think a sufficiently amusing rant is grounds for praise rather than banning here.

Another Loose CoG on 2/21/2020 5:03:33 PM

Just parsley stems and a crust of spelt bread.  Sigh.

Another Loose CoG on 2/21/2020 4:58:03 PM

I suspect that if you hang around here long enough, you'll notice that people posting and complaining about their treatment at the hands of CoG is so typical as to be wholly beneath notice, to the point where it didn't even dawn on me to mention it to you.  There's an entire thread from last year about my purported coddling of Sam and other stuff that I don't remember.

Another Loose CoG on 2/21/2020 4:10:05 PM

I don't believe it.  Say something only you would say.

i assume our conversation on the CoG forum the other day moved you to swing by?  Lots of good games to play here.

Another Loose CoG on 2/19/2020 11:38:51 AM

I clicked the link on wikipedia for "an exponent of machism" and got this.


I hadn't realized what we were dealing with here.  This is complicated.


(I don't think machism with a small m is an English word.)  On the up side I just learned the word "Caballerosidad."

Another Loose CoG on 2/19/2020 11:34:08 AM

Does "machist" mean "one who has a lot of maschismo"?  Or is it a typo for misogynist?  Or some other, different word?  I think I've only ever seen it from you and Mara.

We do have a regular member who is a machinist.

Another Loose CoG on 2/19/2020 11:25:20 AM

Your ban lasts for four more days--it's not like you were banned for a thousand years; I would guess that a clearly stated and not pissed-off disagreement on the forum would be well-received if this situation comes up again, even with a mod.

Another Loose CoG on 2/19/2020 10:29:14 AM

You posted in the CoG forums a lot about gender--I remember you posting in one of the gender choice/game development threads several times and getting roundly shouted down.  I forget what the exact topic that you were arguing about was, though.