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Featured Story Kelly Unicornstrider and Friends (1982-1985) Super Quiz

A comprehensive quiz + bonus fan faction about the the underrated cult classic show "Kelly Unicornstrider and Friends" (1982-1985). Questions range from really easy to really difficult.

Featured Story Private Game for Natalie

I think putting this on "publish" makes it so only we can see this. It's just for us, sweetie. I made it to celebrate our anniversary and remember some special intimate moments together over the years in an interesting way as a present for you.

I hope you love it, Natalie, as much as I love you!

(Of course if there's any admin looking at this, or if I messed up, don't read this, because it's got private things in it.)

Featured Story Sabbatical Report Presentation

This is my required report to the full faculty in accordance with the rules noted in the Faculty Handbook (version 15.1, as of October 2017)

Sixteen Words

"Personally I can only read 16 words in one go before words stop working," wrote Mizal.


This game has sixteen words per path.  Not counting "The End."  So you can play quickly.


When reviewing, please use precisely sixteen words.   That should be plenty for your suggestions and observations.


Note this challenge connected with this game:  Write the Last Page!

Articles Written

Basic Sentence Structure: Additive Sentences
Comma Use and Additive Sentences with lots of examples

Cumulative Sentences, Part 1
An introduction to the sophisticated and elegant cumulative sentence style.

Dialogue Punctuation
This is a brief discussion of how to punctuate dialogue in US and UK English. It also notes a few rules for quotation mark use in general.

Relative Sentences
A lecture on how to write relative sentences using restrictive and non-restrictive clauses.

Semicolons and Advanced Additive Sentences
This article explains how to use semicolons to create new types of additive sentences. It includes the plain semicolon and semicolons with transition words.

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Tally Ho, Chapter Eight on 12/7/2019 10:26:16 PM

I use my last burst of raw strength to make a direct assault upon Jabs and drive her into the river.

You smash your oar with every ounce of strength you can muster, straight down at Jabs; she barely fends you off, and pushes, forcing you to the very edge of Gunwales of Infinity. She ripostes with her own slash, and you block it, her oar just a whisker away from your head. You strain against her hooked oar, pushing it away from your face, your oars locked, panting with effort, every sinew of your bodies tensed.

Then, slowly, you begin to push Jabs back.  The cheers and moans and advice from everyone else fades into an indistinguishable background noise as you push Jabs all the way to the other side of Gunwales of Infinity, then back into The Firesnuff. She blocks blow after blow, her strength starting to fail her as she slumps back against the side of the boat.

"I surrender, d____ you. I surrender!" cries Jabs, dropping her oar.

How do you act in victory?

1. I am gracious, shaking her hand and telling her that she was a worthy opponent.

2. I remain stoic, barely acknowledging Jabs as I return to my boat.

3. I give in to my darkest emotions and force Jabs into the water as I laugh.

A few questions on 12/7/2019 7:19:33 PM

I thought it was 35 years old?


e:  Yeah, it's 35.  "neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States. "

A few questions on 12/7/2019 6:59:10 PM

You have.  And I think the torch has been passed.

A few questions on 12/7/2019 6:24:14 PM

This is going to be Bill and Serpent all over again, isn't it?

A few questions on 12/7/2019 6:23:33 PM

For #1, I think, in general, with the exception of certain forbidden and not-to-be-named topics, we value a really well-written story, and a weird topic wouldn't especially put people off.  It's certainly an original topic.

As for #3, I would finish before publishing.  If you want feedback before full publication, set your story for sneak preview and you can, potentially, ask people to take a look at it.

I would highly recommend reading the featured stories, rating them, and commenting on them to get a sense of the writing and choice structure that tends to get good responses.

Fresh Meat: Baiting and Hooking Thread 3 on 12/7/2019 3:22:57 PM

It's uno - dos - no...T. Rex Slime.

That's my guess.

Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 12/7/2019 12:49:26 PM

How do you account for your tremendous ability at Toggle and Rock-Paper-Scissors?

Tally Ho, Chapter Eight on 12/7/2019 12:13:45 PM

I have waited a long time for this: I challenge Jabs McNab to single combat!

"You!" you snarl.

Jabs looks over her shoulder at you and a shadow of fear passes over her face, quickly replaced by hardness and cocksureness. "What?" she demands. "I thought I taught you a lesson a long time ago."

You pick up an oar and hold it by its middle in both hands.

"Oh ho!" shouts Col. Firesnuff! "A battle! Halt the boarding action! An honorable duel, then! First into the water or first to surrender is defeated! The loser must refrain from rowing for the remainder of the race!"

Everyone pauses, breathless, and turns their attention to you and Jabs.

And then, the battle begins. You leap between the boats as Jabs smashes her oar at you--you duck under her powerful swings and parry her thrusts—but barely. You are tiring, and Jabs is a relentless oar warrior. More than once, you lose your balance and nearly fall into the river, but manage to recover.

1. I attempt to get Jabs to join Gunwales of Infinity and betray Col. Firesnuff by promising to give her the diamond "WINNER" medallion if…when…you win the race.

2. I surrender.

3. I use my last burst of raw strength to make a direct assault upon Jabs and drive her into the river.

Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 12/6/2019 10:33:48 PM

You are sitting on a gold mine.  Good luck.

Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 12/6/2019 10:30:42 PM

@SHABOOKIE, how are your games coming along?