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Hey there, I'm an  indie game dev, currently working on a narrative driven sci-fi / modern adventure hybrid

My first storygame since cardfile on Windows 3.11, The Devourer is now up. I look forward to your comments and feedback. If you want to know the route paths, drop me a message

Status Update (7th April, 17) Going underground to work on my next project, wake me up when September Ends 3J returns

Interests: Game design, Sci Fi, Sociology-Anthropology-Psychology, storytelling, and a general curiousity about everything

Favorite games (in no particular order): The Witcher 3, Civ V Complete, MGSV, Valkyria Chronicles, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dishonored, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, XCOM2, YuGiOh, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros 3DS, KotoR2 (With the restoration pack), EndMaster's works (particularly Eternal, Ground Zeroes, and Death Song), The Witness

Unique games that I loved: FTL, 80 Days, Reigns, Danganronpa 2, the Ace Attorney Series, Civ Beyond Earth (with RT), Renowned Explorers: International Society, The Sims 3, Katawa Shoujo, Shadow of Mordor, Plague Inc, Crusader Kings 2, Democracy 3, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Undertale, Offworld Trading Company, Spore, Gunpoint, This War of Mine, the Bioshock series, Crypt of the Necrodancer ... (and the list goes ever on)

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The Devourer

The Devourer

The Devourer is a story revolving around the first 48 hours after the discovery of a wild colony of resource extracting nanites in a post-global warming 2040s setting. It explores the possibilities of a Grey Goo scenario. Endings (and certain story options) are path dependent on the basis of your choices.

The Devourer is my entry for the January New Frontier contest

Core Gameplay mechanic: Hope Vs. Despair
Endings: There are two non-standard endings early on for story reasons, six epilogue grade endings, and one special ending
The kaleidoscope of text color and fonts have gameplay reasons

Sci-Fi type: Adventure
Moh's Sci-Fi scale: Between a hard and medium SF 
Length: 20,999 words (around 50 A4 pages)

Things I'll change later
Find a way to add 1/2 px stroke effect around the active voice text
Reconsider a couple of the character names

Special thanks to:
TharaApples / Plelb / mizal / Seto

CYS Coding Field Manual 2017

Want to use coding in CYS? Start here.

This is a self-demonstrative topic-example storygame, which is meant to help you pick up and deploy coding into your storygames as smoothly as possible.

Disclaimer: I am only the archivist, this work is built off the sweat and tears of sixteen years of CYStians, with well-deserved shoutouts to Alexp, Solostrike, JJJ-thebanisher, Havacoman, October, tsmpaul, madglee, Zikara, SindriV, Killa_Robot, BradinDvorak, BerkaZerka, nmelssx, fergie14233, Tacocat and many others (vaguely in order of appearance on the Advanced Editor forum)

The source for all the content here is every post (650+!) in the Advanced Editor Forum since the start of the website till March 2017, the articles in the Help and Info section, and my own insights

Articles Written

A primer on writing your first Storygame
A primer on how to write your first storygame, based on what I learnt while making my first game

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Nevermind. Can someone just critique my first page on 4/26/2017 12:08:12 AM

Alright, but how did American prioritize between China and Japan - which one to attack first? Furthermore, if China joins the Axis, do they (somehow?!) form an alliance with the Japanese, or do they dominate them beforehand? You'd have to throw in a few wizards or their ilk to explain how the highly underdeveloped fighting forces of China were able to overwhelm the Japanese in this scenario.

For Hitler to have not been killed till 1949 means that something went very wrong with D-Day / the Allied reconquest in France, while at the same time allowing the Germans to have had the resources to build nukes (they didn't all that talent had fled to the States). Another question - are nukes really the scariest thing on the battlefield when you have Aliens and Wizards? Their presence should have had some consequences into troop arrangement and more (which is why I don't like throwing them into this setting).

I strongly doubt the British Raj could have survived beyond 194X. The nation had been seeking independence for a long time, and in requesting wartime resources (leading to the Bengal famine) and military men to fight on various fronts, they had dug their own grave by giving the Indian people self confidence to assert themselves in negotiations (a nuked London means even more so). Read up on Subhash Chandra Bose's revolutionary army - he successfully lobbied the Germans and Japanese for a fighting force in Indochina to use to recapture India from the Brits. It failed, but that doesn't have to be true in this reality

Would there be a taboo on the use of nukes, or did wizards find a way to contain radioactive fallout, making them fair game as weapons go? Again, wizards just ruin everything -_-

Seeing you've played Hearts of Iron, I'm surprised that I'm telling you anything about resource shortages, the game does a fair job of portraying that side of the war well.

Nevermind. Can someone just critique my first page on 4/25/2017 1:21:48 PM

You stumble on the first line, I'd have opened with the following:

The radio played a slow Mandarin jazz, its syrupy tune echoing in the small, windowless room. Under the candle-light, plumes of smoke from your cigar and his pipe had wafted together merging into an unpleasant cloud of smoke hovering near the low roof. The rumble of your stomach reminded you that it was nearing dinner time.

It was a pleasant evening, and the Agency knew it. That's why they scheduled the rendezvous here, after all. Colonel Lloyd Leighton (if that was his real name) rotated a bird toward you on a lazy susan. It was a small duck, vibrantly red with caramelization and full of rice, bits of meat, and salted egg, whatever that is.

Beyond that, it sounds fascinating for a premise (more than those crusaders in hot air balloons). Things to watch out for - the war lasting 12 years would be really unlikely unless hostilities waned after the first five years into border skirmishes and went hot again after a year or so (resources were fairly exhausted all around, the entire reason the Axis opened the ill-fated Russian front was to make a bid for their Eastern European resources). Did America not enter the war, or did they do significantly worse at Pearl harbor (actually losing their carriers?). Japan and Germany were both losing the resources war, so I don't believe they had the stamina for a 12 year war - and before I forget, that includes male population as a resource. A war dragging out would also have had significant effects on colonies such as India and Vietnam.

China going Axis would be strange, as they were pretty disorganized fighting the Japs in Manchuria IIRC. Would they have expanded north into Russia or south into South East Asia? When is this story taking place? In real life the Soviets fell because they prepared guns and not butter in anticipation of an attack from Europe that never came to pass, what is the outcome of that decision in this world?

I'm not happy with including the Aliens and Wizards, because that makes things infinitely harder to anticipate and plot out for story purposes.

Everything - the game on 4/24/2017 11:36:49 PM
I looked into that one (new DLC came out so it was on sale). The core loop and aesthetics looked good, but apparently it has its flaws. Still, it's something new and Indie, I can hardly say no to that.

Chaos Contest Predictions/Polling Thread on 4/24/2017 4:55:05 PM
Ah yes, I'd forgotten that WIBN's has stories, commendations, and trophies to his/her name. Did we ever solve the mystery of WIBN's gender? My best guess is 60% chance of male, 39% female, and 1% penguin

Chaos Contest Predictions/Polling Thread on 4/24/2017 2:47:09 PM
For some reason, I don't think you and I are using the same acronyms here... 0_0

Inglorious Cat-Turds on 4/24/2017 2:24:03 PM
Only if you can pull it off for an audience as a rakugo (hell, if anyone could pull that off convincingly, they're on the wrong site)

Chaos Contest Predictions/Polling Thread on 4/24/2017 1:28:35 PM
To be honest, even that's a slap on the wrist if you understand the bare minimum of internet-street skills needed to survive in modern times (using a VPN)

Chaos Contest Predictions/Polling Thread on 4/24/2017 1:26:38 PM
I never lived in an age where End wasn't a Mod, so I have no idea how we was beforehand, the same way American children born after 2008 think that Presidents have always been Orange, or Black (oh, the pun!)

Inglorious Cat-Turds on 4/24/2017 1:25:56 PM
MAG-NIFICENT. Very, very well done

Chaos Contest Predictions/Polling Thread on 4/24/2017 8:35:04 AM

How I picture End during this entire contest, especially when someone makes a new bet/form of bet