Player Comments on Clover Seven: Ace Attorney - Episode 2: The Party Killer Turnabout

I got ending rank B :) Well, this game was certainly an improvement from the last, as this case provided a bit more difficulty and thinking that was required for me to even get the ending that I received.

One other thing that kept me playing was the humor. It was in abundance and the small interactions between certain characters made me legitimately laugh a few times. It did this while maintaining the overall feeling of a Ace Attorney game, for the most part, that is.

Some issues with grammar and typos seemed to have returned from the first in this series. Some misspellings were rather jarring at times and sometimes disrupted the overall flow of the pace of this game. Ah, but when they're not focused on so intently, the game really takes off and becomes a fun, humorous ride.

These storygames really are a good addition to the Fan Fiction category on this site, but I feel that it would've been even better if it had just a bit more polish.
-- TharaApples on 11/10/2016 11:25:26 PM with a score of 2
Welp, that was fun! I've got some problems with your game, but overall I enjoyed it. I love the Ace Attorney/Investigations games, so I knew I'd love your Clover Seven series. So far, so good. I noticed significant improvement from the first case to the second. In hopes of helping you get better, I'm gonna tell you (in my opinion) what went right and what went wrong. It's up to you to take my constructive criticism or not, yo.

-The Humor. Some of it's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but that's EXACTLY what one would expect from an AA game. I loved some of the banter between characters and the humor expressed in the courtroom. You took it a bit further with Ed and the Judge; both seem slightly crazy and in their own world. Colorful characters like them are what make the game great.
-The Main Characters: I don't know too much about him just yet, but I'm enjoying playing from Clover's perspective. I assume we'll learn more about him and our rival prosecutor in games to come, and I actually can't wait. Ed clearly has some backstory bubbling under the surface as well. Oh, and the Judge is admittedly insane. I LOVE IT!
-The Trial: Cross Examination (Press/Objection) actually works pretty well in its current format. Although the watch works the same as the magatama, I still enjoyed its inclusion in the game and hope it becomes a larger element subsequently. The logic leaps in presenting evidence aren't that large (there were a couple toughies, but I understood the relevance after getting it right).

-The Grammar: Your story is in dire need of some cleanup. I get the gist of what is being said, but the misspellings and improper sentence structure can be jarring at times. Get someone to proofread your scripts for you, or run it through WORD before applying it to the page.
-The Facts: Be careful with how certain elements of the story are presented. In a game that relies heavily on logical puzzles, it is IMPERATIVE that everything lines up for the player to assess themselves. For example: At one point you're talking to the defendant in the detention center. When asked a question, they clearly state that the answer doesn't matter because they ""don't have a specific item anymore"". You sense they're lying but leave it be, that's fine. However, FOUR LINES later, the defendant gives you the item they just claimed to not have. It's not even questioned. It was confusing as to whether that was an important fact or not. A good proofreading should squash these inconsistencies. Again, have someone else check your work for facts and flow. Polish is what can bring a game from great to fantastic!
-The "Press": Clover seems to be quite the redundant thought process. Most of his "Press" statements/questions simply ask what the witness was about to state anyway. Fluff the dialogue up a bit. This is where you can potentially learn things about the case or other people that you didn't know before. It doesn't have to be relevant to the case, either; it can be something fun for the reader or just a little character development via someone's opinions.

Anyway, I'm done rambling. I hope you don't take offense to my suggestions. Whether you do or don't, I'll be playing the next Clover Seven game. I needs my Ace Attorney fix! You're doing a good job so far, and I commend you for your creativity and seeing these games through completion. Bravo, good Creator!

Oh, and I got the B ending. I'm gonna do another run for the A!
-- Fuzzykun on 11/2/2016 4:31:39 PM with a score of 2
I know I'm reading a finely tuned storygame when I get stumped and feel motivated to think it through. That's what this storygame does best. It follows the narrative flow of a typical Ace Attorney episode and also succeeds to define itself through its own characters, plot, and puzzles. Excellent job.
-- Melike on 8/25/2010 5:39:06 AM with a score of 2
How do I get AAAAA

It really good but sometimes confusing.
-- WingsofWinter on 5/15/2019 2:15:44 PM with a score of 2
This story is definitely worth your try
-- ZeoNyph on 1/11/2019 5:21:14 AM with a score of 0
I got the A ranking :D
-- Seto on 9/1/2016 11:08:02 AM with a score of 0

This one is much better than the first one. Still plagued with typos but at least it was a bit longer and had much more to offer. Highly suggested.
-- Dynamism on 10/1/2015 12:56:48 PM with a score of 1
Brilliantly done.
-- wriju on 5/11/2014 3:51:16 AM with a score of 2
Finally got ranking 'A'!! :D worth it!!! I would love episode 3~ Good job. It's very entertaining!
-- Boop! on 9/3/2013 11:16:39 AM with a score of 0
I liked it but I don't know how to get ending "A".
-- RyuuKitsune9 on 7/7/2012 3:47:21 AM with a score of 2
Fun :)
-- BerkaZerka on 1/29/2012 6:38:50 PM with a score of 1
I only got the B ending, but I'm getting sick of this game.good game, just that I got to the point where I was trying random pieces of evidence until one worked. I still don't get how I got to the point I did, just very good game, made me think alot.
-- ChaiHai on 9/27/2011 8:12:20 PM with a score of 2
For some reason I got really stumped during this game which is great because I love playing games that make me think. There are some grammar mistakes like everyone has been saying. But I really like how you bring this character to life (I have never played the video game before, but I want to now).
-- SoarHighBeFree on 4/27/2010 1:25:15 AM with a score of 2
-- hummingbird3 on 4/5/2010 6:06:48 PM with a score of 0
Just posting this comment to clarify one thing. I made a mistake at the end of the game, and it showed as a problem on the comments. If someone has a ZERO (Like mine,) for a score, it means they scored the A rank ending. It's still a one for a C rank and two for a B rank, just a simple mistake. Once again, just posting this to clear that up. Thanks for playing.
-- SilverMan on 5/20/2009 9:04:32 PM with a score of 0
Much better then the first. Keep up the good work!
-- Rodney on 5/9/2009 5:46:59 PM with a score of 2
Finally got the A ending! Although it was random HOW I had to get myself in that situation though...anyways, looking forward to a even better proofread Clover 3
-- urnam0 on 5/8/2009 7:10:04 PM with a score of 0
strong addition to CYS. congrats. some things were a bit corny, and the court procedure wasnt exactly realistic. but it was a fine read and very enjoyable. please make a 3rd.
-- Fleshnblood_78 on 5/8/2009 4:38:17 PM with a score of 1
Holy cow this was awesome. It was worth the effort to try to read it again (it was a bug that the password didn't work before). It was much improved over Clover One- less spelling errors, fewer grammatical errors, loved the .gifs, cleaner and more streamlined links and concept, and a logical and challenging plot. I only got the second best ending and I will try to get the best one. Very enjoyable.
-- urnam0 on 5/8/2009 4:57:31 AM with a score of 2
Silver, that was dope bro. It was the right amount of challenging and really kept me interested. Grammar was better but not great. There were some stupid errors like "if there's even slightly more evidence for her guilt than her innocence, she's guilty." That's not even close to true, it's if there's no reasonable doubt of her guilt, she's guilty. Still dude, that was awesome, and Clover is such a cool character.
-- JJJ-thebanisher on 5/3/2009 8:52:56 PM with a score of 2
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