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*Is there ever such a thing as a good team?

Wait, I shouldn't ask this. I'm high-ranked trash that mains Hanzo (which means my entire team already hates my ass, even if I get a full on 23 elims) ._. With a minor in battle Zenyatta, of course to complete the hate.

People hate their healers more than anything else :D


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I don't know why I like it, but I like it and I can't get it out of my head.


I'm always around to help, feel free to PM me if you ever need help! I'm off my vacation so I can go back to the whole "always around, always watching." Totally not as creepy as it sounds x'D
Anyways, if you need a beta-tester and/or a play-tester, etc. You know who to message. I'm not as avaliable to coauthoring a story either, but it really does depend on the story.

Feel free to check out my weekly writing prompts.

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~My Sister and I:

There are some things you take for granted, like the sky being blue and the grass being green. But now the skies are filled with the ashes of society, and the grass - the surviving bits at least, are a dirty brown.
The world has ended.
The only two survivors of whatever has happened is you and your sister. Of course, your sister isn't technically a survivor as she has never existed except in your mind.


You wake up in a small room, not knowing where you are nor who you are.


If you have any questions, do feel free to send me a message. I don't bite.

Well...I mean...Not most of the time.


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I'm Going To Need A Title, Aren't I?

It's a thing.

A bendy, twisty, timey wimey - oh wrong game.

It's a story thing with a very terrible narrator who likes to not just smash through the fourth wall, but obliterate it. Completely. With no mercy.

Also it's very #edgy. Seriously, it's edgier than Reaper. And half the thing is a vague reference to another, greater work.

'nough said, just play the goddamn thing.

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Commendations, Orders, and Titles
An article on commendations; how to get them and what they are used for.

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Writing/art collaborations! on 3/3/2018 9:07:51 PM


-Your character has a weird power that they have no control over, and it's triggered by their emotions. (Aka think about the weirdest power anyone could have and slap a random emotional trigger!) 

-A king is going around incognito, and somehow he's roped into a plan to assassinate himself.

-Your character gets stuck in a never-ending corn maze. The exit is always going to be right behind them. 

-SPACE SIRENS. And a like, cargo spaceship that was never warned about them or something. Just write about space sirens, basically.

Writing/art collaborations! on 3/3/2018 11:02:35 AM

Not really xD I came here to say draw my OCs please if I write stuff. I'll draw stuff back! :3

(And thanks! :D)

Writing/art collaborations! on 3/2/2018 11:19:02 PM

Oooh! This sounds super cool!

If y'all don't mind shitty art I can draw something :D

Another class project on 2/10/2018 1:40:08 AM

I've only seen mostly the idiots so far. 

And I'm actually surprised that anyone who's named after anything to do with Reaper isn't a "it's not a phase, mom", cut-happy five year old. Since most people that main Reaper are so edgy I accidentally give myself paper cuts just by being on the same team.

Everyone sharing an IP pretty much sucks for the more normal kids. I guess I'll have to wait a few days to see how many of them are actually interested in improving, and all that.

Pffft that last bit. So wait, I can't get VIP if I throw some money at AlexP? Aw, and I wanted a gold name too xD

Another class project on 2/10/2018 12:38:39 AM

I skimmed through most of this, but whatever.

Shame deathblossom65 was banned, I'm sure they would have had been a great addition to the site. Anyone who's username is derived from Reaper's ult is guaranteed to be as edgy as a rhombicosidodecahedron. (Why is that so hard to spell)

Some people still seem to be vaguely butthurt about their honestly-no-effort stories being deleted. I'd like to propose the idea of not republishing after an unpublish. It's completely preposterous, I know. But it might just work. 

Also, do y'all know that if you set sneak peek on, you can still see the story? It's a great idea, ain't it? Or all the students could add the teacher as a co-author. 

I'll probably never understand how an expensive school somehow managed to fail to teach an English class. But eh I've seen worst butchering of the English language. Besides, I've already embraced the fact that only about 1/5 of most graduates will literate.

Thank the goddess, someone actually wants to learn things. Best of luck to all those involved that wants to stay(?) Though, if you're thin-skinned and can't take criticism, you really might want to back out of here. If you publish something on this site, you're basically leaving it up for criticism. We'll be nice(?) if it looks like you put actual effort in, but if it's a steaming pile of crap most of us are either going to make a joke, say it's crap, or just take the free point. 

We ain't all that child-friendly most of the time either. 

Another class project on 2/9/2018 11:12:22 AM

I can totally draw stick figures. I got this.

Unfinished Storygames: Do You Have Them? on 2/8/2018 9:42:24 PM

I have more than I'd like to count.

Another class project on 2/8/2018 4:27:40 PM

I just read all the stories in a few minutes.

What are these. I think I saw like...2 stories that were decent and everything else just...

Please don't tell me I was ever like this. 

Another class project on 2/8/2018 4:22:59 PM

Congrats on 3000 x'D

Another class project on 2/8/2018 4:17:41 PM

Oh. So that's what happened.

I could publish my shitty fanfiction while this is going on and probably get a solid 4 for having good grammar! :D