The Dreamcage

Player Rating3.86/8

"#492 overall, #41 for 2014"
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Story Difficulty3/8

"trek through the forest"

Play Length3/8

"A nice jog down the driveway"

Maturity Level2/8

"choking hazard for children under 4"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 6. To compare to the movie rating system, this would be G.



This game was initially called Entertain Yourself. After it's first publish totally bombed, I have updated it.

UPDATE 1: As of the 8th August

I have edited this game to get rid of any too random bits and I added a kind of storyline to allow me to keep the game basically how I wanted it. 



What can you do when your dreams turn into reality?


Player Comments

Not bad. It's great that you took people's advice and edited the game. Most writers (if you can even call them that) on this site continually put out garbage and never listen to anyone's criticism and they never improve.

But you, on the other hand, actually care about putting out something worthwhile, so I give you props for that. Still though, this game has some flaws still.

There are still a few spelling and grammar errors which were present. But didn't detract from the story in any way. Also the fact that this is unfinished and a 'part 1'. My rule is, a story needs to be atleast a length of 6/8 to have an extra part. Because it means it can stand alone as a story and not just a "Chapter" for say. Most people do not finish their series after promising so.
Other than that, the writing was fairly good and I think it was an okay read.

4/8 from me.
-- SonicTurboTurtle on 3/24/2016 5:37:29 PM with a score of 0
Well, that was... interesting... To be honest I don't quite know what to think about this story, though I have the feeling that a cat is creeping up at me as I'm writing this. The writing in general was great, but shortness of each scene and the random, random randomness to me make it feel like a bad game.

I think this is mostly because of the rapid fire of completely different, short stories you fire at the reader. This has the kind of confusing, estranging effect on the reader.

I'd say take the individual scenes and turn them into full stories, cause some of them were very decent.

I've given it a 4/8, mostly because I really am still trying to figure out what I've just read...
-- Romulus on 8/4/2014 7:56:20 AM with a score of 0
prty good br. It wasn't really hard enough.
-- Me on 1/31/2019 8:05:30 PM with a score of 0
Its ok. It's kinda like my experience with-
-- A.K. on 1/31/2019 4:39:18 PM with a score of 0
This story had me laughing at every turn
-- L0garithmSt0rys on 1/27/2019 2:58:30 AM with a score of 0
dude get a sequel going asap! Just when it was getting good!

Honestly, you should have waited until you added way MORE crazy shit before you posted this!
-- the guy on 1/17/2019 4:34:58 AM with a score of 0
This was a little random. I get that it's supposed to be random, but maybe you could connect the dreams a little bit more? Overall, it was pretty good.
-- caitm on 11/3/2018 11:47:43 AM with a score of 0
Maturity level must be changed!!! War? Bloody dead people? Please make it like PG 13...
-- Anactaka on 6/13/2018 11:15:47 PM with a score of 0
It is a very interesting concept, and I was very surprised and pleased with the ending. I think you should create a sequel to this game detailing what exactly the scientists need him for. The one thing I did not like about this story game was the paragraph length. I skipped a bit of action because I would get tired with the long paragraphs compared to the single secluded sentences. I recommend not changing or deleting anything, simply separating the larger paragraphs into smaller, more manageable ones. Thank you for completing this game and well done!
-- SquattingPigeon on 1/24/2018 10:42:58 AM with a score of 0
Long but linear.
-- betaband on 11/6/2014 12:51:30 PM with a score of 0
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