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Suspension- Mom don't freak out please!

You are Freddy Coleman ,17,and you have just been suspended from school.You think it wise to avoid telling Mom.Mr.barker was being totally unfair when he suspended you.Life is sooooooooooo unfair.Yor Mom will defiantly freak out about this.You don't even want to think how your drunk,unemployed,fat,penniless,hopeless,worthless and not to mention unhygienic Step-dad will do about this.Probably nothing too bad.Slap around the head and then back to bed is the normal routine.Life is such a downer.but when the neighbors move out and new ones come in.Freddy might just find his shining star.That decision is up to you.


Sorry for bad grammar but my English is not too good.I hope you enjoy the story,it is my first one and hope not to be my last as well.Please be brutally honest with me in the comments so I ,and my friends,can improve.

Zombies r ME!

This is a story where you live a normal life.Go out with a group to eat. Amazingly you all like the same taste in food.You are about 5,7 with short stylish hair,Light
blue eyes,(now a greyish blue)And are wearing a blue button down shirt with black 3/4 lengths.You are also a zombie.Don't be too freaked out.I mean most of the world is as well.But when you meet a human who doesn't become lunch (Not your choice of course)You start to feel more alive.Can you be revived from your unfulfilling state.Or with you roam the earth as a zombie.However you can die.So don't count on a happy ending with every move you make.