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Sam Ursu's Big Adventure on 7/2/2021 8:30:02 AM
Me and Twiger actually finished reviewing all entries mid-April, but due to some issues with sponsors and the organisational side of things results were only made public about a month later. (Yours was the first on the list of entries, so that's why it came in as early as the 1st.) There were a couple of other entries that got some pretty harsh feedback, (not the cat one. That one was adorable) including Mara's. I guess it made a difference that they got a "hey, are you sure you want to see my feedback" message before actually getting it, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I didn't really notice basically the whole part of the rant that happened after CHOMP, but it's a pity things apparently got so out of hand you ended up banned. Like you said, your understanding of ChoiceScript was pretty solid, and the technical side of your writing (so grammar, etc) was pretty good. Just, you know, maybe throw some self-reflection in the mix from time to time. Nobody's perfect, and misunderstandings tend to happen, especially over the internet.