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Hello!!! on 1/15/2024 2:29:37 AM
Thanks will do and sorry for the late response!

Hello!!! on 12/18/2023 10:57:39 PM
Thank you so much for the suggestions! I've checked Fear the Psyker and I agree it is well written it's kinda of something I wanted from a Warhammer 40k story adventure hopefully the creator continues the story off the New Dawn ending or any of them really! I'll check out Agent of Order next and the others when I get the chance. Again thank you for the suggestions and warm welcome! btw love your pfp

Hello!!! on 12/18/2023 5:00:31 PM
Hi, I'm of course new here on the site and wanted to know if any great RPG stories that are sci-fi or fantasy. I have read a bit of Eternal but haven't finished it quite yet but I still want to add a few more to my list if anyone has any suggestions like some hidden gem stories that aren't well known like Eternal please respond!