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I created this account so I could read Eternal and Through Time -- several years later, it continues to serve it's purpose

OH YEAH! And make sure to watch out for Neil Granger

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The Escapists : Choose how you escape

"Welcome to Center perks, an easy going prison with a nice warden and nice guards. Enjoy the free complementary cable TV, and get used to it, because you're staying here forever"
You are a notorious bank robber sentenced to prison for life. You don't plan on staying long, though, because you have many friends and foes in the prison. Can you and your buddies escape to fight another day? Or are you destined to stay here forever. Many different endings, you choose how you escape, and you choose how to win!
Thanks for playing this, and if you want, make sure to rate it!

Where the Forest Ends

Is it possible to escape from something when you don't even know you're trapped?

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Its hard to get people to read CYOAs on 2/28/2019 2:06:04 AM

That's not actually a bad idea, never occurred to me to do that, haha

Its hard to get people to read CYOAs on 2/27/2019 2:01:04 AM

I've been desperately trying to get some of my friends to read some of the story games on the site (particularly EndMaster's Eternal - by far my favorite!) buuuuut none of them are interested.


I'm going to probably start writing some smaller stories on here, to be honest. I haven't done anything like that, really (except for my embarrassing story I wrote three years ago and still haven't finished). Maybe that'll be enough to bring them here!


Only time will tell.


In any case, wish me luck!