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Hey! I'm a noob and I'm very new, so please be patient! I love to make CYOA stories and Im so glad I found this site! Have an AMAZING Day!


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Test of Alaudia

To win, you must trust your wits and skills! This is the test of Alaudia. 

Here's your back story (if you want it)

You are a boy around 16-18 years old, you have brown hair and blue eyes, you are a b+ student. You are very good with strength and used to do wrestling. You are apparently a 'special' person and are put into a test. There may be a part two, but you'll have to remember the number you get. 


It may be a little disturbing to some readers, you have been warned! Has humor in a few pages that may not be appropriate, is violent in a few pages, and has cussing in a few pages!

The Land of Alaudia

This is a game that is based off a CYOA story I made in middle school. Yes, it may be a little bit odd, especially if you get a seven year old boy, but just go along with it. I tried on this one, and I think its perfect.

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My new story on 5/16/2019 10:10:35 PM

Only on a few parts, but I fixed it up. I will look over it again though. Thanks! 

My new story on 5/16/2019 9:58:49 PM

Would this story be good even if it only has 4k words? Or should i go back and beef it up more, adding in more details?

My new story on 5/16/2019 9:03:35 PM

Thank you for the tips! I'll put this all into thoughts!

My new story on 5/16/2019 8:59:47 PM

Thank you very much, this is truly appreciated! 

My new story on 5/15/2019 9:55:12 PM

So my new story is about a person going through something like the hunger games but not at the same time. the person never really kills and has to outlast everyone else. It is very basic and so far only has 40-ish pages. but would it be a good idea for a CYOA? 

Thanks, Evie22 wink

One quick question on 5/15/2019 9:41:35 PM

This is probably obvious or something, but currently what is the minimum amount of pages and links do you have to have until you have 'above average'? Thanks!


more peoms cause im bored. on 5/13/2019 9:33:29 PM

As the world seem to twist and turn,

the older life of them seemed to burn,

the world seem to be green,

They had to try one bean,

for the first time,

they had found a tiny dime!

They had fun,

shopping for a gun,

to go and hunt,

to pull off a stunt,

they got a skate board,

they they stored.






Its a funny thing, love,

it can be as pure as a dove,

or lead you to a broken heart,

that refuses to start.

how does one deal with it,

its like getting bit,

by a shark,

with a really loud bark.

As the world seemed to bow down,

this new thing, love, wore a gown,

luring everyone to get to know this feeling,

almost as if dealing,

out cards to gamble,

and always have others ramble,

on and on about who they adore,

and who they bore.




Im so bored jeez. 

A few poems I've made on 5/13/2019 9:21:25 PM



I've wanted to stay,

but i've  been the one to delay,

I wish you could see,

how my eyes have no glee,

how my very own bruised, broken heart,

will even decide to start,

I once grabbed a knife,

held it close to my wrist,

but I thought of you, not my afterlife,

and now everyone's pissed,

I feel as if i could cry,

but i wish i didnt try,

some wish i would die,

i wish i could say goodbye,

what am i holding on to,

because whatever it is, its long overdue,

so please dont cry,

if i die,

if i survive,

i'll see you tomorrow,

if i live, ill see you today,

and maybe they'll pay,

for suicide is a crime,

its murder, so pay your dime,

as murder is my very own crime.




If i stay


If I stay,

tomorrow of today,

if i decide not to slay,

my own life,

what will it be like?

I've relied too much on the knife,

i wish i could go away, ride on a bike,

i wish i could fly,

i wish i could cry,

i wish i couldn't lie,

saying im fine,

but i'll know deep down, i wanna die,

as the knife seems to be the light,

shining i the darkest night,

they say its gets better,

but does it ever?





The monsters


Run, run,

here they come,

come to slay,

they'll ask for their pay,

most will say,

it'll ruin my day,

but they only go to slay,

and they'll always be here,

even as she cries a single tear,

nothing can save him, not a beer,

they always run,

but it never helps,

so grab the gun,

and aim towards your head,

the monsters will go under your bed,

once you're dead,

once you're gone.




Do not worry, I am not going to do suicide, so don't call the cops or give me the suicide help line.