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I'm creating a storygame that should be done by an unknown date.


A Fallen Angel

You see the news, 7 deaths unknown. None were sick, none were murdered. No marks, scratches or bruises. Your friends start to call you about the "murders." You and your friends start to play the dangerous game of Detective, find the entity, you'd better hurry. You search the streets, explore all the blocks. What is it... and what does it know?

Bee Keeper

Your parents are going on a trip, and you have to take care of the bees without them, except... you have no formal training for this! 

A family friendly story game if you happen to be bored, and there may be a few grammar or spelling mistakes, so if you find any, please try not to mind it, and i hope you guys enjoy!

For Rent

You walk down the street, all the shops with ice cream, magnets, until you see an empty building with a sign "For Rent." You decide to get it, because of how boring your life is at the moment. Now you have to manage to keep it running, or it'll shut down! You have to be careful!

unpublished , coauthor

You wake up in a hospital, you sit up... but the strange thing is... no one is there. no other patients, no nurses, no doctors. There is rust on much of the equipment. After your mysterious coma, you realize many people have gone missing without a trace. You investigate... and see abnormal, un-humanlike figures. What'll happen now... you'll have to wait to find out.

The School Children
You and your friends can't find anywhere to go for the weekend, and you can't sit there bored out of your mind. So your friend groups holds a vote. Or yell out suggestions. That's pretty much what they did. You decide on... the abandoned elementary.Y'know, the place where students went missing and murdered? Yea, that place. Start packing, the adventure starts soon.