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I'm a blind teenage girl. Most of my time here is spent reading stories or writing stupid things on the forums, but I sometimes write short stories and poems as well. English isn't my first language, so any feedback is welcome! Up for a duel anytime.
Feel free to visit My Mastodon profile.
Have a nice day, Mayana.

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  • SwitchingSocial, a list of easy to use but privacy friendly alternatives
  • PrivacyTools an even bigger collection of all sorts of privacy software, websites and guides
  • MyNoise, a collection of sound generators great for writing, relaxing or falling asleep

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Stories for smart 5 yr olds? on 3/28/2020 1:40:33 PM
Definitely check out The Butter Bear! It's happy and wholesome, she'll love it!

Miracle and the Christmas Kitten is, as the name suggest, set on Christmas. But even so, it should still be an enjoyable story all year round.

Imagination is, believe it or not, a children's story from EndMaster. It's the longest one out of the three, but if your daughter's really such a smart 5 year old, then I'm sure she won't find it too complicated.

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there's a few more I missed. Not many, though. Perhaps, if you have the the time and the skill, you could write some children's stories yourself? :)

ADMINISTRATION on 3/27/2020 2:03:25 PM
There is a statement that I've seen repeated pretty much any time someone asks a question like this. It is a simple one, but has never been wrong so far. It is this: "If you're asking how to become an admin, then you shouldn't be one." Why is that? Because such a question is always asked by someone who is either a noob, an idiot, or most often, both. You joined today. Your only accomplishments are making one (stupid) post, rating one game and starting a story of questionable quality. It's not just that you haven't proven yourself worthy of becoming an admin -- though you definitely haven't, and never will -- you haven't even proven yourself worthy of existence. Go do something useful, before someone notices your interest in administrator powers and decides to give you a little ... demonstration.

The Docking Of Points on 3/15/2020 11:51:16 AM
The points are gone. They aren't physical objects that exist no matter what, just numbers. Spam comments are those that don't include any opinions about the story, much less constructive criticism that could help the author improve. That includes advertising (By Viagra t0day!), random letters (wofDje91HFw), comments completely unrelated to the game (I like cookies and pants!), random insults that have no constructive criticism attached (I hope your mom chokes on a banana and dies!), and so on. Did you comment on any storygames recently? Well, then an admin thought your comments were useless in some way. Take it as a warning, and try to write more helpful comments in the future.

The Docking Of Points on 3/15/2020 7:17:24 AM
It should be quite obvious if you just check your point history, but OK, here:

Let's say you have 41 points. Precious, shiny, totally not pointless points that you worked oh so very hard for.

Then you do something stupid, as is the wont of noobs. Bad boy! An admin decides to give you a penalty, a punishment for your misbehavior (spamming, in this case).

So they dock/remove/subtract/deduct/take away 10 of your points, with the reason "Spam comments". You now have 41 -10 points. That's 31 points.

For more information, you can check the dictionary; dictionaries are wonderful! For example, you can read the second definition for the verb dock on

The Weekly Review - Edition 47 on 3/15/2020 4:14:45 AM
"[...] a prolific poster and reviewer of stories." ... Oh dear.

And now a word from our sponsor on 1/17/2020 3:00:39 PM

Press F for Undr on 1/5/2020 3:30:50 PM
You're welcome. Although tbf, the only reason I didn't bother carving your eyes out is because I didn't want to waste time on a corpse. :P It's really nice to see you again. I've lost interest in communities and quietly disappeared a few times myself, so I can't blame you. But of course, CYS cannot be escaped so easily, so I'm sure we'll still see you around now and then. :)

CYS Christmas Album! on 12/26/2019 2:29:00 PM
"Coins' Mom Is Coming Tonight" by EndMaster "Little Dumber Boy" by [ noob you hate the most here] "Last Christmas, I Gave You A Fart" by Ogre11 "Rudolph The Rabid Rooster" by Simplesabley "Oh Holy Sight" by anyone being chased by a crazy eyestabber I'm ... not all that good at this.

Hiding Parts of Links on 12/20/2019 4:39:31 AM
I checked it out, but didn't have much luck in getting it to work. All the links display as just the < symbol. When I chose one at random (the last link) to move onto the second digit, the first one displayed correctly (apparently I had chosen m), so in theory, I could get it right with a lot of random link pressing and going back. But that would be a pain, since I can't see what logic this follows; the third, fourth and fifth "<" links all lead to y, then the next 3 to h, etc. Please note that this likely doesn't mean that your keyboard doesn't work. Screen readers just have trouble interpreting link labels correctly, I suppose. There's only a few blind people on this site, so you wouldn't lose many readers if you can't figure out how to fix it. Just thoguht I'd let you know in case you could fix it with something easy, like alt text.

Tally Ho, Chapter Eight on 12/12/2019 5:50:18 AM
You guys really can't remember who Pixie is? Perhaps this'll refresh your memory, then. "At any rate, I am required to exchange codenames with you. I go by the code name Pixie, but I will end you if you call me that. Just call me Trina." Anyway, option 1 it is. We don't really have anything else, and it seems like the best one for Pennyworth anyway.