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I love to write. My favorite genre is romantic comedy with a hint of horror. I leave honest comments, I don't try to offend.


Please feel free to add me on skype and chat with me. I love the company.

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Looking for Coauthor on 10/16/2012 11:26:04 AM

Sorry about the late reply but ive been busy with other matters, but i need someone to help write the story, for more information and to talk easier add me on skype ( niniasukami is my username)

School Approved List on 10/11/2012 12:55:15 PM

I am looking for a book on:'11.pdf

That is really worth reading.

I love authors like Anne McCaffrey , Jane Yolen and R.A Salvatore.

Any suggestions would be WELL appreciated. I just dont feel like going though all those books listed. crying

Looking for Coauthor on 10/11/2012 12:47:42 PM

I haven't decided on what kind of thing its going to be. Im thinking a mix between scifi and fantasy, or having one route a fantasy one and one a modern one and so on.

Looking for Coauthor on 10/11/2012 12:44:10 PM

The story is pretty open ended right now i don't have very many ideas, I'm just looking for someone to work with me and discuss ideas with. I only have the first page near done and the rest of the story is up to me and my coauthor to talk about and build. I am willing to leave the coauthor on when i publish it so that both me and the person get credit.

Looking for Coauthor on 10/11/2012 12:34:44 PM

There is a story i am working on and i am looking for someone to help me write it, for i am rather lazy and its going to be a LONG story, starting from the birth of the character to the end of their life. message me for more information please.

Japanese Lessons on 1/20/2012 6:06:48 AM
I think this should be a sticky post, (im not sure if everyone knows what i mean by that... its basically a locked post that is nothing but information) and i would like your skype idea to work out, im fully ready to learn japanese and the easiest way i learn is to be verbally told, please add me on skype when you get the chance my email is [email protected] and username would be niniasukami as well, my name is Kelly (Meriko) on skype, ill save the reason why Meriko is in parentheses. I hope to talk to you more on my skype <3