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Greywater Bay

You're a ship Captain pulling into port at Greywater Bay. Will this be a routine stop or is there adventure to be had?

Hard Decisions

You're the new leader of your colony. Can you survive the harsh wilderness taht surrounds you? Can you do it and keep your humanity?

This is a short game with a simple concept made after I got sick of the unfinished, ambitious ideas I've never completed.

Main Character

You are the main character of your own story and as the main character, you're not allowed to die prematurely. Can you survive your creator's bad writing? Or perhaps you might actually make it to the end off the merits of your own wit! Who are we kidding? Try not to make the story too cheap.

*Rated higher maturity level for some gory/gruesome scenes.


The world is your ocean and the Seaborne rule the waves. Take your place in the Captain's chair and guide your ship to prosperity. But with fracturing alliances and internal squabbles the ocean may be too dangerous to go it alone. Can the Charm mend the schism?

The Mine

You and your team are tasked with investigating a murder in a mysterious mine.

This story is a hybrid of mystery, investigation and horror. The game will only give you chances to uncover clues for your to piece the story together yourself.

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CYoA From Hitler's POV? on 6/3/2017 10:32:03 PM

The way I see it, since this is a CYoA game, the moment the first player decision is made you aren't really playing Hitler anymore (because alternate history). If I were to do this I would probably distil it down to a story of man struggling to stay in power. Sure, knowing how history plays out would allow us to make the right strategic and tactical choices on the battlefield but if you throw in the internal politics I think it could really shake things up. Do you divert much needed manpower to a close front or placate civil unrest by building and staffing more extermination camps? Do you let that brilliant general have free reign to stomp on your enemies, force your decisions on him to maintain control, or perhaps even have him killed. I believe that towards the end of the war such overrides of his generals' decisions was common.

Regarding the fear of glorifying or justifying his choices, I believe that can only be nullified by the writing itself. Even if you stick true to the POV of evil Hitler, you can simply describe the atrocities committed in all their gruesome and repulsive nature, then contrast that with nonchalance or pride from Hitler. I believe a strong enough contrast will be enough to hammer home the point that Hitler is definitely "on a different level" whilst keeping narration bias towards his own opinions (I'm thinking something like a blatantly unreliable narrator sort of style).

Would such a story be controversial? I would say so, but then again the maturity rating would probably be near maxed taking into account the subject matter. I suppose the main point of difference from a regular CYoA would be that instead of making the reader identify with the main character, the reader feels more like they're a sort of "director", making logical choices and observing how Hitler reacts and how things play out.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth.

Page Script Conditional Statement on 4/23/2017 11:30:45 PM

Ah I see. Thanks so much. Managed to solve it by using this:

IF %JOSEOPI<25 THEN IF %DAVIDOPI<5 THEN IF %ANNAOPI<25 THEN $PAGETEXT := "Unfortunately, it seemed that none of the villagers trusted Bob enough to ask him along for their daily activities."

Oddly enough, I had to use Then-If chains for all the variables rather than just for the last one (even though it should work with 2 operations) as the below script did not work:

IF %JOSEOPI<25 AND %DAVIDOPI<5 THEN IF %ANNAOPI<25 THEN $PAGETEXT := "Unfortunately, it seemed that none of the villagers trusted Bob enough to ask him along for their daily activities."

Regardless, thanks for the help!

Page Script Conditional Statement on 4/23/2017 9:56:29 PM

Hi there. I'm having a problem getting the following script to work on page script.

IF %JOSEOPI<25 AND %DAVIDOPI<5 AND %ANNAOPI<25 THEN $PAGETEXT := "Unfortunately, it seemed that none of the villagers trusted Bob enough to ask him along for their daily activities."

I would like all three conditions to be met before the page text is replaced by that which is in quotations. When I play test this however, the text never appears no matter what I do. Are you not allowed to use AND in a page script? If so, how do I get the intended effect?

Any help would be appreciated!