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JFP is almost half way done, about 180 or so pages in... Then I have to find all the item pictures (Hey, I spent an hour and a half working on drawing the neutron bomb alone. I have no idea how some of the other items are supposed to look.)

Anyway, I'm expecting to be done before technology actually becomes usable. (Meaning that computers don't shut off as I finish typing a report.)

Oh, yeah, I'm Red. Now go away.

Well it seems that after a year and a half I'm back... and it seems JFP has been republished, but I did play through it again and remember most of it. Whenever everyone's ready, I will begin work on it again.

And finally, Chrome has the RTE! I have been waiting for this forever!

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Jurassic Fairview Park

Oh No!

Someone has brought dinosaurs to Fairview Park! These giant lizards are tearing apart WestGate Mall* and will soon take over the world!

You must go on this educational adventure to stop the dinosaurs coming through time! The only question is... CAN YOU DO IT?

The game is not done and may contain spelling errors

*Who cares, you say? Well, did you know WasteGet mall is the rightful property of Fairview Park, even though Rocky River gets all its taxes?

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Red45 and JFP Unpublished on 9/4/2013 2:52:10 PM

Well, it's always my pleasure to help keep weapons of mass time wasting in tip-top shape. On a related note, it looks like I've been found out. You may have discovered my true identity as the Evil Catfisher of the WasteGet Mall Fountain, but you can never stop me from continuing my evil ways.

Red45 and JFP Unpublished on 3/11/2011 10:09:29 PM

Thanks. I'm using a different computer now, and this one lets me post on the forums. But that's about it. Technology sucks.

I'm about 7% done.