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The Canary, a.k.a. the young robot with human hair.


My favorite types of genre outside of nonfiction are detective fiction, adventure, drama, among several others. Although Lovecraft is my favorite author, I'm not particularly into horror - however a good story is a good story regardless of what it is!


I am also into musicals and politics, but we don't talk about either of those things... publicly! 


I Don't Need Air to Breathe

Submission for Mizal's "Welcome to the Jungle" noob contest.

A story about having a second chance at existence. With some twists. 

[Writers note: Though this is a CYS game, this is a lot more linear than most CYS games tend to be. There are still some different routes to explore, though!]

Another placeholder - just in case

Another placeholder for a potential future story


Villain-protagonist based story where your reign of terror will take place in a time that is dependent upon your choices. Action-adventure, slight comedy, some gore.

Entry for Bucky's Year's End Contest

Placeholder - just in case

Placeholder for a story

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June is Noob Threshing Month! on 7/6/2020 2:50:26 AM

That was beautiful, thanks for this. Had a lot of fun with it! 

Noob Contest Roll Call on 7/6/2020 12:53:24 AM

I try to never disappoint!
I mean sometimes I do, but I hope I didn't in this case!'t-need-air-to-breathe

Newbie Contest Q&A and Chat on 7/2/2020 3:05:34 AM

I love you Enter lmao 

Noob Contest Roll Call on 6/27/2020 5:41:46 AM

I got this, I got this, I don't need to go to the ol' rope + creaky stool store just yet! 

I'm still a whining faggot. on 6/10/2020 4:00:00 PM

Oh my god lmao

I'm still a whining faggot. on 6/10/2020 3:50:37 PM

FUCK that is such a good burn! How will they ever recover? 

June is Noob Threshing Month! on 6/6/2020 3:09:09 PM

Also I don't know the source of the poem so I can't get my five free points, BUT I do remember this poem.

I'd actually love to know the source cause I remember hearing it in high school and occasionally I still vaguely think about it but I have no idea where it's from. 

June is Noob Threshing Month! on 6/6/2020 3:07:21 PM

I'm in! Time to be more productive! 

I don't like being a faggot, even though I am on 4/12/2020 12:50:49 AM

If I didn't want to be called a child, my first thought wouldn't be "let me go make a thread where I stomp my feet and pout like a child" 

OUTBREAK FEVER! Have a Corona! on 3/18/2020 4:22:49 PM

Yeah absolutely. Well I still havent been able to go to the grocery store but today might be the day!
I had a decent amount of supplies and my parents did too, before all this. But now we're running low and it's more intrusive stuff like milk, over necessary stuff like food in general. 

I'm just hoping when I go today it won't be as insane since the initial panic will have hopefully died down by now. 

Oh yeah definitely. My work is hemorrhaging money by staying open, but the place I work at has a strict "stay open 24/7" policy. I think the only time we closed in the 5 years I've been there, was when my boss petitioned his higher ups to let us close for Christmas Eve since it was going to be really slow and it'd let people go celebrate the day. Even when the power went out, they stayed open and had one employee sit there watching it lol. They're pretty ridiculous.

And my boss thought ahead, he moved all the 'possible theft' materials like toilet paper/paper towels/soap/etc onto a cart in front of a camera. Not that I'd steal any anyway! But a lot of the other employees were like "damn, I was gonna take a roll of paper" lol. I've mostly just been using my 'manager meals' to take a bit food home for free every shift.