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The Path to Power

Ok, I´m officially bored from the whole google translator thing, so I decided that posting games in spanish first will be easier, and I could even do some advertising for the page on my contry. But don´t worry, in the start of the game you can choose in which language you want to read the history

Esta historia te dejara adentrarte en la mente de Dariel, un joven que despues de perder a su familia hara todo lo posible por volverse mas fuerte, hay 4 distintos caminos a seguir, cada uno con su respectivo final verdadero.

This story will lead you inside of the mind of Dariel, a young man who after losing his family will make every effort to become stronger, there are four different paths, each with their respective true ending.

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My first Storygame! on 6/12/2010 5:29:44 PM

Hmmmm... I think something like Barnie sounds evil, xD. Let me see, Nahr sounds good to me, though I still don´t decide. What do you think of Raize?

My first Storygame! on 6/12/2010 4:43:39 PM

XD oh, man.

You sound just like my old english teacher, and don´t worry, as I say (I mean "said") before, I really want to make this story really good, so I appreciate the help. By the way, I am looking for a name to give the villain of the story, I just can´t think of one, and naming the bad guy "Pedro" is not exacly a good idea. So, I accept suggestions.

My first Storygame! on 6/12/2010 1:47:17 PM

Thanks for the tips, as I say before I still got a lot to learn, Well I better go fix the story.

My first Storygame! on 6/11/2010 8:35:09 PM

Just Figure a sistem to write at least 10 pages per day, making my work much more easier.

There goes the first page:

You are standing right in the center of a great room. Taking a moment to look around, you watch with astonisment the inner parts of the the temple of Destiny. You walk slowly towards the only door on the room made of a very rusty steel, after closer inspection you can see the words "Destiny" and "Death" carved on the door. As You open the door, it makes a very loud and unpleasant sound, like thousands of men screaming in agony, but you maintain Yourself calm and keep going further into the darkness.

You find yourself walking through a dark hallway, inside of your mind you wonder if all your efforts for finding this curse place at the end of the world will be worth it. After a very long time walking you catch sight of a weak ray of light deep in the hallway, excited you start running.

In the end of the hallway You see a great beam of a bloody, red light but as You closer You see with great surprise that there seems to be an humanoid form inside the light, when You are just 20 feet away from it, the form comes out of the light revealing itself. From what You can see he is a average heigh man with the face covered by a hood.

"You have reach really far for one of your kind Wanderer, I admire that, so I will give one chance to look inside the well of fate and ask a wish" After saying this the presence signals you with its finger to follow him, and so you do.

So, what you think?

My first Storygame! on 6/11/2010 1:10:49 PM

Thanks for the Support! I really appreciate it. And the reason because I say it will take about 1-3 months (Not sure, maybe more, I am trying to make this really good) is the amount of word that I had to do to write in English. Don´t get me wrong, i know to speak, write and read English but I´m able to think much more freely in spanish.

1-brainstorm some ideas in my notebook

2-create a page from those ideas in word

3-traslate to english (ARG!!! HATE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR)

4-Fix the Translator grammar errors (The most annoying part)

5-Finally, cut and copy all on the site.

My long and tedious journey of creating a good story for you guys!

My first Storygame! on 6/11/2010 1:25:12 AM

Hello everyone! Name´s Miguel and I´m From Venezuela -small, crappy and smelly country in South-America-

I have been reading through a few stories on the site and I must say I JUST LOVE THE FREAKING THING!!!

After years of looking for a place like this I must say that it was worth it Well, I decide that after 3 months of just reading I want to make a contribution to the site and make my first Storygame. There goes a little background:

+"The path for Revenge is a dark one" - "In the absence of light, darkness prevails" Depending on what path you choose to follow these two phrases will play an important role on the history, The City of Astamacus, one of the biggest and magnificent in the world of Caldria, was build above a sea of blood and death, hundreds of war, the life of millions and the hatred of all their neighbor nations. It hides a very a dark secret, the source of all its power... is the life of their own people.

This huge achievement of mankind is destined to fall, and you will play a role on its destruction, either as Zai or Aran you can make the outcome of the war changue, for better or worse...

Although there is another important character in the play, if you get any of the endings You will be able to see how the journey of the lone wanderer ends.

But only the True Ending can show the Suffering He went Through.+


So what you think?

It´s Still in beta so maybe i´ll changue a few things. I´m gonna try to make it really big and satisfactory play, I have already started writing, maybe it will take me a month or three, but i´m gonna dedicated a lot of time on it. So I hope You like it!

-Sorry for any grammar mistake I may make, english isn´t my native language so its kinda hard to make things perfect.