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You have entered Pink Panther territory, now prepare to be exterminated.

Just joking!
Welcome to my profile! I am a kind person who respects all good written stories, not those written in 10 minute stories with 5 words on each page.

For example of a crappy story: maze by randomguy.

For example of a extremely well written story: Necromancer by EndMaster.

Also, I love The Pink Panther, The movies and the cartoon.

Oh, I don't accept duels. I think they're just pure stupid luck.

See you soon!


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Mech Defense Sci-Fi Storygame on 2/17/2014 2:02:28 PM

Thanks for the ideas. I will try and upgrade to my best of standards.

Mech Defense Sci-Fi Storygame on 2/17/2014 1:38:07 PM

Hi everyone! Just thought you'd like to know the first three of pages for my mech defense game. It is the first three pages, so bare in mind that this won't be action packed so far.

Page 1

Welcome to the laboratory, I will assemble you into my human!


Name: Machinery


Sex: Male.


Body Mass: 17


Human Profile Complete, Begin story?

Page 2

Remarkable! Now you need to step out the doors, to begin training. Good luck Machinery!

Page 3

Hello, I am the trainer! I will teach you how to control your character in this story.

Here you are.

Punch- Melee

Stab- Melee

Shield- Defense

Forcefield Button- Emergency Defense.

Greetings! on 2/17/2014 11:06:09 AM

Uhm, Okay?

Greetings! on 2/17/2014 5:27:58 AM

You seem extremely hyper, hehe!

Greetings! on 2/17/2014 4:51:08 AM

Will do! thanks!

Greetings! on 2/17/2014 3:27:02 AM

Really? I don't even know how to get pictures on this site.

Greetings! on 2/17/2014 3:26:41 AM


Greetings! on 2/17/2014 3:26:18 AM

I guess so yep! :)

Greetings! on 2/16/2014 2:00:16 PM

*High five*

Greetings! on 2/16/2014 1:46:36 PM

I just did that, and it worked!