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Almost 16 years old male, I am an artist and author of three incomplete horror books and one romance novel. I am using this site for help from fellow authors and to practice. I love horror, anime and... well love! Although I have zero luck in it... fucking 60 rejections... I feel I can be a little to truthful with myself, as long as it doesn't compromise my safety.

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As The Bell Tolls
A mixture of genres but i will just put in Horror. Choose between the stories of Muramasa, Zero, or Daisuke. please give me criticism, not on the spelling or simple grammar mistakes but on the semicolon and major mistakes. Like plot or story mistakes. oh and if someone could tell me if i can make variables show on one page but not the other, that'd be great.

Just a love story
This just is to tell me if i have the right idea on how to treat girls. The bad endings are NOT how i treat girls. They just add the CYOS feel to it. It also shows my favorite type of girls. And quite frankly the only types of girls that i want to date. (The attributes can be mixed together in real life though)