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A Soldier's Wish

Live through the eyes of a fallen soldier on the battlefield. See what his final wish is, and what memories were important enough for him to recall at the end.

This is my first story game, so sorry if it's not good, and constructive criticism is appreciated! Thank you very much!

Note: This is very short, as I was advised to start small. 

Flowers on the Grave

A story revolving around the fate and history of an occupant under the ground. Mostly story, but there are multiple endings.

It's pretty short, but this was meant to be a short story. As in, not a full length game or novel, just a quick little piece. 

It would be beneficial to the reader to look up the meaning of the flowers as they play the game. (Note that you may have to look through a few different sites, or search for negative meanings of the flower to get the full experience).

Trigger warning: Domestic abuse, violence

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Never mind to the leaving ratings, I am just an idiot. But still, what types of story games are popular?

Please help? on 3/19/2017 2:59:01 PM

Ok this is a really stupid question and I should know how to do this, but how does one actually end the story game? Do you need to create separate links to leaving ratings and comments, or what? Also, what type of story games are popular, or considered good?

New here, and Item help? on 2/26/2017 8:24:57 PM

Thank you so much, sorry for the bother!

New here, and Item help? on 2/26/2017 7:53:17 PM

Hi! I'm new, and trying to write a story game, and I was just curious about the Item feature. I read the basics in the article, and I was just curious about the item image. Do you need the image downloaded to your laptop, or what, to change the image? Sorry for the bother!