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[A puppet story I use to test variables and scripts]

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Status: 27% completed, ~19300 words (Real life getting really hectic, so putting this off for the next week or so. Seriously now. But after that there'll be some hardcore writing to do.)

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Love is a Dandy! on 7/21/2017 5:49:25 PM

I like your retelling of the story more. It could have been made into a movie, and I totally would have watched it.

Repressed Memories on 7/21/2017 5:42:44 PM

This thread cracked me up. Still, I was expecting something more interesting, given the title.

Don't really know what happened to WC, since that was before my time, but seriously, there are enough sites out there dedicated to the series, so this one doesn't need to be, too. But if you're wondering about the "what could have been" for CYS, do feel free to check out this site (personally I'd recommend the Boneclan link, but unfortunately the paths don't go very far).


Fun Writing Activity on 7/20/2017 12:20:53 AM

I do worry about your intelligence... (or rather, lack thereof...)

Fun Writing Activity on 7/17/2017 12:51:05 AM

I find that surprising. It looks like you've been around for a while?

Fun Writing Activity on 7/17/2017 12:42:24 AM

*Sigh* I just couldn't resist. Mizal may be rubbing off on me.

Fun Writing Activity on 7/17/2017 12:36:58 AM

True that a lot of these can be expanded into full stories. The ultimate challenge, really, is to write one small detail but imply a whole world. Looking at some of the other replies, I'd say Romulus and AzBaz were able to do this especially well.

I like the last one you put there. It's not terribly specific, but it certainly opens up the imagination.

Fun Writing Activity on 7/17/2017 12:34:17 AM

Because you were so kind to be the first one to reply to my thread, I'll reward you with an in-depth review of your six-word story:

Well. So it looks like you know how to count, which likely suggests that you managed to pass kindergarten, or even first grade. One of my main problems with your story is that it can't stand alone and wouldn't make much sense when taken outside of the context. This probably could be remedied, however, by changing a word or two. Another issue is the lack of substantial content; there's nothing particularly interesting about it because it's missing the whole "why should your reader care?" component. In the future, I'd recommend you to pay more attention to writing your story's plot.

Fun Writing Activity on 7/15/2017 1:04:24 PM

Since I’ve been feeling pretty lonely in this dead corner of the site, I’ve decided to come up with a creative writing exercise. Many of you are probably reading stuff or procrastinating working on your contest storygames, but why not take a couple of minutes from procrastination and try out this fun and very short little activity?

The task: Write a story in six words.

At some point, you’ve probably heard of the six-word story “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” allegedly originating from Hemingway. Wikipedia calls it an extreme example of flash fiction. I’m quite interested in taking a look at how y’all express your creativity in such a condensed format.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/14/2017 5:02:33 PM

Yeah, I know right? I can't seem to take anything seriously. Must be some kind of undiagnosed retardation.

E: Whoops again. I did just promise to shut up.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/14/2017 4:39:45 PM

Interesting. Your bitchiness is of higher quality than AzBaz's pathetic name-calling, in which case I'll classify you as either closer to the top of the food chain or having a more advanced age, or both.

Whoops, did I just make another annoyingly bigoted comment? My bad. I can't help it, being totally unaware of my own presumptuousness. But don't worry, m'dear, I'll shut up for now, before I get fined for shitposting or derailing or something.

(Delete the post? Go ahead. Banned for 2000 years? Isn't that a bit excessive?)