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Escape School!

After you slept in science class, your teacher did not check the room and left without you. After a few hours, you wake up, and you see the lights out in the room! That's when you realize the school has been closed for a while, and they locked all the doors. With no one but yourself inside, you must find a way to escape!

This is an interactive puzzle Storygame where you can explore your entire school, and find the keys required to escape! There are multiple items you can use. There are four endings in total depending on what you did during your visit!

The Mickey Mouse Storygame

Itsa me, Mickey Mouse!

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Editor won't make new page for me on 11/4/2022 4:29:47 PM
Okay, it's working for me now. Thanks for the help!

Editor won't make new page for me on 11/4/2022 4:18:09 PM
Hello! I am currently writing a storygame called Alpharune. I am currently at 147 Pages. I tried making a 148th page. I try to create a new page, but it doesn't show up, and my like says "Link not Found". Is there a reason why this is not working for me? Is there a point where the software reaches a maximum amount of pages?