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Prompt Contest Progress Thread on 2/21/2023 1:24:57 PM
Are the grammar articles in the Help & Info section helpful? Are there any outside resources to help me? What exactly should I be looking for?

Prompt Contest Progress Thread on 2/20/2023 9:27:53 PM

Hello, everyone. Just a quick update about my storygame. In my storygame, It is a "Bottleneck" type storygame where you take four distinct paths at the beginning, but they eventually all meet up in one boss fight. After that, there's a decision on whether you fight the next boss or not. However, there will be different endings depending on what path you take and the decision after the bottleneck boss. I think this is a proper CYOA, but I still wonder about what problems may arise.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2 on 2/19/2023 9:44:02 PM

I don't know if Oro's dialogue will put me in the SHAME pit or not...

CYS Superlatives on 2/18/2023 1:03:05 PM

I put myself in the question "Most Likely to Join a Cult". I feel like I'm pretty vulnerable because I'm not engaged in pop culture that much, and I'm writing a storygame about a cult as well.

Friday Night Questionnaire: Week 2 on 2/17/2023 10:13:23 PM

Good job, Yummyfood. Your prediction came true.

Friday Night Questionnaire: Week 2 on 2/17/2023 6:18:16 PM

Hello! Welcome back to Friday Night Questionnaire. Last night, we had some very interesting responses. @mizal expressed her dislike for dutch food, and @Typewritercat did the same for sweets. However, @Celicni with British food had the most valid opinion. Great job. But, without further ado, let's move on to tonight's question!

What are your predictions for the future?

This can be about anything: CYS, Your personal future, or humanity's future.

CYS Superlatives on 2/17/2023 7:45:45 AM


CYS Mean Girls Faction on 2/16/2023 10:09:33 PM

That's exactly why I said they won't give up any points. Plus, it's 11 months away and we can gain points eventually.

CYS Mean Girls Faction on 2/16/2023 9:56:43 PM

Let's bet for 100. If you're still active in January 2024, I'll give up 100 Points to you. If not, I gain 100.

CYS Mean Girls Faction on 2/16/2023 8:48:00 PM

I get what you're saying. I don't know much about abge, so that's why I predicted to leave.