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my life story:i had a good life with my parents until my family walked down crime ally and they were willed by a dads last words to me "".and from then on i was known as write man. jk :random kid in north carolina

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How come Eternal is so weak in all his endings? on 2/6/2024 3:20:07 PM
and with a perfect 13-0 score eternal wins

challenge for endmaster on 2/6/2024 3:16:10 PM
let think about this mathematically me:total newbie who does not understand how to use variables or endmaster: who has about 100 top 100 stories.way more experienced than me and has infinite xp.also i'm retarted

standards in cyos on 2/6/2024 1:07:11 PM
NOOOOOOO.I am shamed for all eternity.By the way i really liked your story Price of Freedom:Innocence Lost.I can't wait for the sequel

standards in cyos on 2/6/2024 1:01:16 PM
sorry.I will try to do better

new guy in town on 2/6/2024 12:55:57 PM
i mostly took it from the classic stories and movies.and my 4th wall jokes are from other cyoa.i am probably going to do a longer story later.thanks for replying

challenge for endmaster on 2/6/2024 12:21:42 PM
i'm starting high one leaves another comes

challenge for endmaster on 2/6/2024 10:44:08 AM
its ok i just read a comment on how not to write:part 1 a:the start of the beginning.and they said only good pokemon game would have all of these things.i mean it would take a decade to do it on this site.

new guy in town on 2/6/2024 10:12:03 AM
hello i am jordan 17 and i just made an account.i am almost finished with my first story game a knights tale.i love this site.

what's the line between historical and modern? on 2/6/2024 10:10:15 AM
modern history is 2004.or at least for now.think if you had a story in medieval times historical 1900:historical 1950:historical 1990:historical 2000:modern but then again in 6 years 2010 will be the cutoff line 20 years is a good measure

challenge for endmaster on 2/6/2024 9:29:59 AM
make a functioning pokemon game with a 6 pokemon team.good combat,level ups, and a good story,it probably be the best fanfic ever try to do it before 2025