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Lost Empire: Exiled *WIP*
The story takes place on the continent of Pan-atlas, a landmass that spans many horizons; so far uncharted by even the most ancient beings. The continent is home to the ruins of many fallen Empires and the tombs of powerful entities dot her mysterious, strange and often logic defying landscapes. Beyond the borders of the relatively small Peninsula that the Human Empire occupies; lie the Untamed Lands, not much is known about the untamed lands, save that they're a dangerous place of cutthroat barbarian tribes, ancient aliens, fierce monsters, forgotten evil.. And that those who journey forth never return. You're the poor son of a disgraced noble clan. Accused of treason against the all mighty Human Empire, whose borders stretch for as far as civilized Men dwell; your clan was decimated, and you it's sole survivor spared due to your young age are exiled to the untamed lands. Left to whatever cruel fate awaits you beyond the watch fires and walls of the Empire.