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 i like the horror, and mystery genres. i also like a little fantasy, and some sci-fi.some say i'm mean i'm not i'm just brutally honest. it's called constructive criticism, when i tell you what i did and didn't like about your story, and where i believe you could improve upon it. it is not the same a 

flaming where you just say you hate it and don't give reason why. nor is it trolling where someone deliberately says they hate something in the hopes of eliciting a reaction. such message will be ignored. if you have something constructive to say than by all means do so. i will take your words into account, and of course compliments are always appreciated. my stories will generally have same sex relationship options, as i am not against it.pikachu Badge

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escape from the psycho hosptial

you are a patient of adam's hospital for the psychologically unstable. lately patients have been disappearing and you think maybe you're next. you're sure you can make it on your own but first you have to escape. the hospital is full of many traps and dangers
be careful who you trust, some people are really helpful others want to prevent you from leaving...ever. 
you play a male in this game and there are paths you can take where you can get a boyfriend so homophobes beware!

listen.or not?!

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The Chained God on 10/21/2014 6:38:22 PM

I have to know what do you do after you get the computer to work and read the floppy disk? I've been stuck for two hours. I don't like to ask for help but I just can't seem to figure it out. You can PM me if you want.