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Hi. I'm rosystar (rosy), I'm 16,  very imaginative, and currently working on five or six story games. With school, it will take a while to finish my first one.

I have read reviews on other stories, and when I reread my storygames, I use it as a rubric, such as length, spelling, etc. I have tried to implement that into my games.

I hope you enjoy any of the games that I do manage to publish. Otherwise, good day to you.

(Just so you know, I am American, but that does NOT mean I like our cheesy, undecisive, overrated, greedy government. I do not mean to offend anyone, and if you don't like it, ignore this sentence.)

{"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." -Forrest Gump}


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A Dragon's World

This is a game where you can choose the path of a dragon, even what type you are.
There are the Metallic dragons: Brass, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
There are the Elemental dragons: Earth, Air, Fire, and of course, Water.
There are the Ancient dragons: Iridescent, Obsidian, Gem, and Destiny.
Choose wisely--some have their own strengths and weaknesses. All have limits to their own powers. Your choice will affect your future.
Will you become a legend? Will you stay alive?

Aethero Part One

This is the story of a ship called Majesty heading for a planet called Worric for business propositions. Something goes horribly wrong and they crash into a planet called Aethero. Play as the character Amy Solida and make your way to safety.
(Author's note: this game is based on a pixelated game I long to create in the next decade, so have fun with this. Names are different, but Aethero is a long story broken into different parts. This game is suppose to be short (my first storygame anyway),  but there will be more in the series. They will be a lot longer, I promise.)

Life of a Wild Dog

(This game is actually inspired by other games like wolf survival games. I looked at the comments, and I hope this met some of your standards.)
This is a game where you are female. You are abandoned at 5 months because of a sickness in your mother and litter mates. You have to survive a snowy climate lush with other wild animals and sickness. Will you survive?

Project: Superior

[update later]

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Grammar Check on 4/15/2016 12:11:25 AM

Wow... just wow. You have created a game where, so far, there is a mysterious element, it lasts longer than most story games, and actually doesn't really need grammar checks (as far as I know). From what I have read, this game is well on it's way to being one of the several top games. Keep it up!