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A world where chicken rules.
what could have gone wrong?
set in the (ancient china?) era(wuxua?) where Martial art and some energy called "(ki?)" is combined to attain Unimaginable Strengh, immortality and more.
Work your ass up the ladder as a hard worker, Schemer, Asslicker, and more or die in trying to do so.
Be a all time virgin, a leecher, a pushover (dick?) or a edgelord faithful (dick?).
or become a self aware and defy heaven(script) or maybe just quit reading this and get your ass moving l.

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Yoink: Baiting and Hooking Thread 4 on 8/19/2020 10:58:09 AM

yes my grammar suck ik. cuz i dont give a f bout that so i dont particullary want to improve it and yes i am missing thing here and there but atleast i got necessary basic skills needed to make a convo moving :P also i would rather like to waste my time on other useless thing than making my "understandable" sentence into a state of the art random forum convo

hehe pardon my madness its just rlly that i dont have any "productive" thing to do rn that im im like this ;)

Yoink: Baiting and Hooking Thread 4 on 8/19/2020 9:56:25 AM

i am asian and for god knows what my mom's thinkin when she decided to name me that(nick name only ofcourse. hek) and i just started to use it since my first time using internet cuz its ez asf to remember as it was my nickname— than just blasting the keyboard whatever on a whim.

anyways, "hey ya, nice to meet you. im a lurker on some other website and i happen to see some ancient deep unprofessionalism and micro(stupid?) stuffs and it took me here." thats all see ya around