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I became EndMaster on AI Dungeon

3 months ago

Separating from Mother AI Dungeon thread because this is a lengthy post.

Anyways, allow me to introduce myself. I am Wilson, a serf of the Larion Kingdom. I have an eccentric sister, and I am also gay, it turns out.

The answer is--actually, I don't know. Three?  Besides the baby in her arms, she has two twins, who turn out to be equally eccentric.

I am mistaken for a woman--I guess gay people were very uncommon way back when. However, when I correct the twins, I am let in on a very surprising secret!

Now, I'm a good person. My sister brought these twins to me for a reason; and I had some shopping I needed to do, anyway.

I end up forgetting that I needed to shop. The village run was a failure, but there was one more place; the hut of the moonshine men. They were bootleggers, inbred and nihilistic. Only a fool would marry one of them--but only a fool would marry my twins. Besides, in a surprisingly woke 1140s moment, I allowed them to choose their own wedding partners.

My expectations were small, but it went smoother than I could have hoped. Now all we had to do was await their arrival--which took some time. I guess they only came to shoo us away. However, I would not give up. I would wed my twins, dammit!

Whoops, I misgendered my twins! Silly me! I also said they weren't related by blood--which could be true, considering how mutated my twins were. Regardless, I know a good matchmaker, and I shall wed my twins!


Except, it did not work out that way. The AI, it broke. My twins became one while I tinkled in the woods, my empty pockets filled with demonic coins, which spilled onto the soil with a terrible clink! I lost my mind, and I questioned the genetic purity of the twins, which angered them. They left me, leaving me to ask myself but one question:

I was captured, stripped, and killed. I was granted powers, but I was unable to harness them. My twins were gone; the story refused to acknowledge that they ever existed. Have I been seeing a false reality? What was real? Was this entire story only within my head?

That's it; I must die. Only death could save me. I must die.

Except, I am already dead. How can I find the eternal rest I so desperately seek? Perhaps... I can't.

Unless... I found my sister. She might know. And so I searched--for years countless, I've searched. Finally, in the year 2012, I found her, many years younger, playing with toys, biding her time not spent in education (none of which I have seen for myself, though I understood regardless--I have become omniscient at some point).

And when I realized that, the world ended. Life ended. The universe itself ceased to be. I have outlived all, I was truly alone.

Then suddenly, I knew; I have become a figure I have only heard in my worst nightmares when I was but a human. I have become the end, the beginning, everything--and yet, nothing. I have no face, no form, I am vast emptiness, but infinite in volume. I am EndMaster.

Until the real EndMaster found me. There could only be one, after all--the balance of all that existed and ever will exist rests on the fact. Just as soon as I've realized my new identity, I was slain--this time for good. And finally, despite being yet another target of the true EndMaster, only one final thought--the sole evidence of my removal--appeared in my conscious:

"Thank you, @EndMaster."

I became EndMaster on AI Dungeon

3 months ago
AI Dungeon can't really hold my interest these days, it really felt like there was a point it suddenly became noticeably dumber and less responsive. This was amusing though, or at least a higher effort introduction than we get from most noobs.

If you really have lurked as long as you claim however, you should know better than to tag Endmaster. Bad things can happen.

I became EndMaster on AI Dungeon

3 months ago

Sort of a gamble; should this offering suffice and he spares me, I can claim to be one of the increasingly rare individuals that weren't banned on their first day.