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This feature was accepted 8/15/2023: implement leave page confirmation dialogue

Make the banner on top less reactive

3 months ago

These few days of writing had made me encounter a small problem: when I finish writing and press the 'Save Changes' button, it is fairly easy for me to misclick the banner on top and redirect me to the homepage. Then I press the go back arrow frantically and if I'm lucky, the progress will still be there but if not, I have to write the page (or whatever I wrote after saving) all over again. Maybe moving the 'Save Changes' button on the page editor farther away from the banner or making only a part of the banner redirect you to the homepage would make this more user-friendly?

Make the banner on top less reactive

2 months ago

Moving ​​​​​the "save changes" from over the textbox to under it isn't a big fix, neither would be to add a confirmation pop-up when there is changes that are not yet saved. 

Make the banner on top less reactive

one month ago
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