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status : alive

Honestly, there's not much I need or want to say about me. Long time lurker, currently writing my first storygame, which will be accessible in sneak prev. One day.

current improvement objectives:

- general English

- pace in description and sentences length

- motivation 


Well, I guess that's all; feel free to pm me if you have a question or for any other trivial matter.

quotes that inspire me :

- "Under the unending avalanche of trivial information, no one knows where to find interesting ones" - Bernard Werber (french writer)

L'empereur se tourna vers Dieu ; l'homme de gloire
Trembla ; Napoléon comprit qu'il expiait
Quelque chose peut-être, et, livide, inquiet,
Devant ses légions sur la neige semées :
« Est-ce le châtiment, dit-il. Dieu des armées ? »
Alors il s'entendit appeler par son nom
Et quelqu'un qui parlait dans l'ombre lui dit : No

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<meta charset="UTF-8"> une âme fanée

une petite citée médiévale, c'est intéressant mais commun.
En revanche,pour le lt. de gendarmerie Laurent Ducreux, la découverte d'un cadavre atrocement mutilé, c'est que de longues journées de travail s'annoncent.


After a not so mysterious event destroyed planet earth, humanity bid its time until the first exoplanet's terraforming ended. You are aboard the first of the settler's ship departing to the planet Hyperborea, and the danger might reach you before the landing.

poor attempt at publishing something for ENDMASTER'S PROMPT CONTEST

The story is still a work in progress, and will be unpublished .


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Hello, I'm choosing #17 (naval warfare), I hope I'll be able to make something readable.

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For more info on Mizal's suggestions, here's the articles pages

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Moving ​​​​​the "save changes" from over the textbox to under it isn't a big fix, neither would be to add a confirmation pop-up when there is changes that are not yet saved. 

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i'd vote for closing that bug then 

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whining noobs are not a bug, it's a feature
please move to close


Previous Page link not working with item on 1/4/2023 6:03:42 PM

the bug has been fixed in the thread
please move to close

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lagging phone isnt a bug
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not an issue, please move to close


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feature exists on 2022/12/30
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Not a bug
please close this bug