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Hi, I'm StoryTurtle. I have been sitting here, unproductive, for 4 years. Hooray.


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Once upon a time, there was a young woman. She put a boy in a peach.

Based on the Japanese folklore Momotaro. Entry to MHD's Fantastical Fairytales Contest.

The Penguin Without Feet

Entry to 2023 Spring/Summer Contest: Gone Fishin'

For the Dive Dealer Penguins, diving for fish was always the norm. Chicks were taught the basics of diving and catching fish, even long before their feathers have matured and allowed them to touch the water. And it was a successful survival strategy, too - this way the penguins were always self-sufficient, hardly ever running out of food. Then contests appeared, pushing the penguins to try whoever could catch more fish in a single dive... every day was a fish festival.

Until one day, you were born. A chick without feet. Society, if it existed, panicked. A penguin unable to dive! A penguin unable to catch fish! Outrageous! What will one do? What will you do?

One ending, but different ways to reach it. Have fun, and welcome to the penguin world!


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Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 3/2/2024 2:55:26 AM

Bet I can finish it

Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 3/2/2024 2:16:13 AM

Oh it hurts me so to think of a good idea but it can only be used in one branch ToT

Also my prompt is "A story involving a peaceful day in the park."

Would it work if the peaceful day in the park only appears on one page where not all readers might see it if they don't read every page?

Infinite Craft - new timewaster on 2/22/2024 9:33:42 PM

The lack of aesthetic made me turn back to Little Alchemy.

End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 2/6/2024 7:47:43 PM

"but what I don’t want to see is twenty pages each with one fucking choice"

so I think they want branching stories

End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 1/1/2024 6:46:10 PM

No.2 please!

INTRODUCING on 10/26/2023 8:57:10 PM

everyone ends up there someday

Writing on 10/25/2023 11:23:02 PM

Highlight the words you want to italicise and press the I

Or you can press the I then type, then disable the italics by pressing the I again

Writing on 10/25/2023 11:07:56 PM

On the left side of your screen, click My Stuff, Profile, and check the box ”Use rich-text editor“ under Preferences.

Writing on 10/25/2023 10:48:49 PM

Did you turn on advanced text box? There will be an I in the options. Just highlight the text you want to italicise and press the I. Like this

MHD's Fantastical Fairytales Contest RESULTS on 9/15/2023 12:26:18 AM

Honestly I thought Ford's story was rather fun, what led it to being last place?