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Hi, I'm StoryTurtle. I have been sitting here, unproductive, for 3 years. Hooray.

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A Letter to the Next Poster on 6/30/2019 10:49:14 PM

So, it works like this: a person posts a letter, the next poster reads it, and then replies and writes another letter to the next poster. It goes on and on (that is, if anyone is even interested). The letters should be about CYS because, well, this is the CYS site. I'll start first.

Hello next poster,

I think your stories are getting good ratings, and maybe your story even is one of the top 5. Well, then I'd be lucky I'm talking to you. When you're writing storygames, do you feel happy, or feel like it's a task you have to finish? Sometimes I have that feeling.

When you read stories you think are bad, would you feel you want to delete them right on the spot? I see some of the comments on some stories say, ‘If I were you, I would delete this.’ Sometimes when I think a story is good, but the comments are negative and the ratings are low, I feel really strange.


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How do you leave commendations? on 6/28/2019 10:56:45 AM

Thanks for the help! laugh

How do you leave commendations? on 6/28/2019 10:38:30 AM

(Actually, what are those commendations? Are they those comments you leave for others' storygames?)

What does the ‘Order’ on somebody's profile mean? on 6/28/2019 10:36:10 AM

Thank you :)

What does the ‘Order’ on somebody's profile mean? on 6/28/2019 8:38:06 AM

There is something I see on my and people's profiles named ‘Order’. What does that mean?

How do you select Play Length? on 4/30/2019 6:09:28 AM

So I just started writing stories on this site, but I don't know how to select the Play Length in my editor, since there seems to be no button for the Play Length suggestion there. Or possibly... it is decided by the system?

My points are mysteriously docked :,( on 4/29/2019 1:23:07 AM

So yesterday I was posting here and I made a forum called Chat Room in the Lounge, but then I received a notification that an admin has docked 100 points off me and said I was S**tposting. What does that mean? And... why are my points docked because I made a topic?! Please answer me! I'm very confused! :,(crying

Suggestions/Tips for a Mystery Story? on 4/28/2019 5:56:09 AM

I think you have to make a character that is very helpful to the main character/the player but never shows who he/she is. Then at the end of the story you make a paragraph of that mysterious character showing who he/she is only in front of the main character/player. That maybe would make it more mysterious. Hope this helps! smiley

Author Suggestions on 4/28/2019 5:52:21 AM

Are you an author? Come join us?

Help out members of this site that are new to writing, and share your thoughts!

It's ok if you aren't an actual author. Join us if you like or are good at writing! smiley