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So much for the pictures :/

21 years ago
I actually finally found some very very cool pictures (sponsored by the artist himself ;)) to integrate into my adventure.

Only to find out about the upload limit of 50kb........


Is it possible to raise this to 100kb? Actually, 74 would suffice for me...

Since they are pencil drawings, shrinking them looks terrible.

re:So much for the pictures :/

21 years ago
Have you tried converting the pictures to GIF or JPG files? you can do this in microsoft photoshop pretty easily by just saving the file as type (blank)
This usually decreases the size of the file without reducing size of the picture or quality.
let me know if this helps

re:So much for the pictures :/

21 years ago
They're already stored as jpegs, because bitmaps don't have enough shades of grey for pencil drawings.

Thanks to Alex P for potential help. :) The way you care about your users here is great.