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Funky Wizard: Inside

20 years ago
Hey! Just read your comment on Finals Week! and was curious to knwo why you wrote what you wrote. 1. you wrote that i needed to finish some parts and that would "help a lot" but the only part that's not finished in the game is the "how to kill your roomate" part which is a very complex part of the game, and not a necessary component (it's just a sneak preview of a side quest that's not completed).
2. you found the convince your teacher sequence to be too hard, but how was it hard? the girlfriend sequence gives you the same options every time. there are over 15 ways to convince her and get a different ending - which adds to the fact that the game could never really be truly mastered. it's really my favorite part of the game. It's not supposed to be hard (it shouldn't have been... cause not matter what you get to the ending) but it could have been hard to get whatever you wanted. by the way that's NOT where you get the A or the F for the day.

anyways only reason I ask is I want it to be the best game it could be, so your comments would be appreciated. Also maybe you want to give it another shot and shoot for straight A's or F's.

re:Funky Wizard: Inside

20 years ago
well, the side quest being completed would be nice but i understand why it wasnt.

as for the part i found hard, i noticed a lot of people liked it, so dont take my criticism personally. i just really had no idea what to do there.

also, wasnt your game the one with the items? I'm not sure how to use them...

!!!! really!!!!???

20 years ago
Funky Wizard!! I'm surprised! You werent able to immediately figure out how to use items?? that's really a flaw of ours if it's not immediately obvious, and something we will work on. If you pick up a useable object (a grade in my game is not really usable but time travel and pills certainly are) and you get to a page that it seems would be a good place to try the object out, you should give it a shot, just click on inventory and use the object you need.

also check out this game for a quick tutorial
it'll teach you how to play a game with items.

any more help I can offer i'd be happy to.

re:!!!! really!!!!???

20 years ago
cool thanks. :)