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Blunder Brain Bob Baldwin of Baltimore In: No Escape
Your name is Bob Baldwin. Due to your extreme incompetance, you are trapped in a prison in an unkown location and your task is to escape.

Along the way, you will find clues as to why your unfortunate situation came about.

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re:ads on 6/7/2005 7:40:04 PM
i wouldnt normally promote the idea of advertising, but google ads seem usually relevant so it wouldnt be a big problem.

yeah google answers was kind of a bust for me as well. the googlies don't take the site seriously enough to promote it and the few people who ask questions expect too much for their money. i usually get better advice from posting on forums

ads on 6/6/2005 10:42:44 PM
as much as people dislike ads, i think you should add google adsense to your website, to help you guys make some money. I know you've put a lot into this website and even put some money towards google answers researchers creating stories for this game, so it would be nice for you to get something back.

re:Winners to be Announced Soon!! on 2/24/2003 3:47:29 PM
it was an honor just to get an honorable mention :)

hope this site does great!

re:Get your Vote in Now! on 2/5/2003 8:55:45 PM
Obviously I am biased, as I made the game myself, but I am going to have to vote for blunder brain bob baldwin of baltimore in: No escape.

If I were to provide a reason to back up my recommendation, it would be that the game includes many hilarious and well thought out pictures that blend well together with the game and makes you think about everyday things in a new light. This combination makes for a hilarious game that without these elements would not come close to deserving the grand prize.

re:Hey i'm thinking red for the letters instead o on 1/23/2003 3:37:05 PM
i like blue

re:Contest Extended! on 1/23/2003 3:33:12 PM
sounds like you are a ddr fan chocobot :)

you might want to take a look at my website because of that.

re:The new top 5 games on 12/13/2002 9:06:53 AM
perhaps it would be good to have a link to "previous top 5 games" where you show what games were popular in the past. That way, you could highlight new, or often played current games, without discounting the quality of games that used to be in the top 5, or something.

re:Get your suggestions in soon! on 12/13/2002 9:01:46 AM
perhaps you could make the item process easier. such as making it more obvious that those little pictures are pick-uppable items. When I clicked an item and i saw it disappeared, it didnt occur to me that i picked it up, i simply thought clicking it made it go away :/

so, firstly, make it more obvious that items can be clicked to pick them up. secondly, it would be helpful to prod the user into using them. maybe change the name from inventory to "use / view items". I know inventory is the traditional name for most games of this type, but perhaps this would cause a little less confusion. Alternatively, the game could inform the user that an item would be useful at a particular time? or would that defeat the purpose of solving the game creatively?

some things to think about...

re: Restricting Published Games ... on 12/11/2002 6:23:16 PM
more restrictions = teh bad.

re:!!!! really!!!!??? on 12/11/2002 6:13:50 PM
cool thanks. :)