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Sir Arthur Quillwyrm: A progress thread

2 years ago

For those of you that haven't read it: the current version of The Most Amazing Life and Adventures of Sir Arthur Quillwyrm can be found here. (Quick notice: as of 05/04/2022 it is in a very unfinished state, only uploaded to meet the deadline for Corgi's lords of the land 2 contest.) This thread is meant to be some sort of accountability to myself to get it completed, as well as a progress tracker to anyone who might be interested.

This game is set in the Kingdom of Elbid, currently struggling with looming civil war, rampant heresy and upset peasantry. You play as Arthur Quillwyrm, a minor noble, and your decisions will determine how these issues will all impact the kingdom.

My intention for this game is to have three main storylines: "Knight", "Inquisitor" and "Revolutionary". The game begins with a single-path childhood section, which, as @Gryphon has pointed out in his comment, currently feels very linear. My next step in development is to implement a variables system, so that during this childhood section you build up three main stats: Chivalry, Piety and Cunning. These stats will determine how effectively certain choices work out later on. Hopefully, this will fix the linearity/ replayability issue this section of the game currently has.

Following on from childhood are three "pre-paths", which lead up to the three main storylines, although you don't ultimately decide which storyline you will follow until the end of your chosen pre-path. The game in its current state consists of just the pre-path to the "Knight" storyline, where you are a squire to Duke Uther.

Each of the three main storylines will split into two major branches. For the Knight path, this will be the "Loyalist" and "Traditionalist" branches, hinted at in what can be found in the game so far. These major branches will have various minor branches and endings, but these will not be "official" endings.

As things currently stand, I have most of the "Knight" path mapped out, whilst the other two paths are mostly a few ideas linked together with the major events that occur across all three paths. Current total word count across various documents is at 17,219, plus various handwritten notes and timelines and a very shitty hand drawn map.

One thing to note, all things mentioned above are subject to change, as I've barely even started and its already changed drastically. This originally started off as a satire of Arthurian and chivalric legends, including scenes referencing things like Don Quixote's windmills and Monty Python's fathers smelling of elderberries. It's evolved into a more serious story of its own, which I hope will be able to stand on its own merit rather than a few cheap comic references.

Sir Arthur Quillwyrm: A progress thread

one year ago

As I have realised I have a tendency to do, I have allowed my ideas for where I want this to go spiral to a possibly unmanagable size. To cut it off from becoming too much I have streamilned things considerably. I have decided to remove most of the stats and variables, and keep it as a simple mulitpath story. There are still a few cases of decisions not having an immediate effect, but for the most part now once a choice has been made then its a new branch and thats that.

This has meant cutting out essentially the entire childhood section, which is most of what was included in the version I uploaded for the lords of the lands comp, but all in the name of progress.


As a side not, I've discovered that microsoft word tells you off for swearing, which I find hilarious.