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I made a story on here once.

I plan on doing so again.






A Graveyard Smash

After the unfortunate death of his parents, Harry finds himself struggling to move on. This is aggravated when his father's ghost begins haunting him.

This is somewhat a satire of English liberal millennial culture, partly an attempt at an introspective look at dealing with loss and grief. If either of these things sound of interest to you I advise looking away now before they're ruined for you.

For Endmaster's prompt contest. Prompt 17 - A story revolving around a graveyard tryst.

Castle Conundrum

The world has been ruled with an iron grip by the evil Lord Enigma for centuries. Hidden within the impenetrable fortress of Castle Conundrum, he is all but undefeatable.

But you are an adventurer, and it is your job to defeat evil overlords, no matter what the odds.

Can you puzzle your way through Castle Conundrum and defeat the evil Lord Enigma?


An entry for the Riddles & Puzzles competition 2016.

Overall Winner: Riddles & Puzzles 2016

Mucking about with variables and code and the like

As the title might suggest, this is me mucking about with variables and code and the like.

The Most Amazing Life and Adventures of Sir Arthur Quillwrym

An entry for Corgi's Lords of the Land II contest.


I can only appologise in advance to the judges. This still has a lot of work left to do on it. Its essentially just the outline of the first half on one particular pathway.

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EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 7/1/2022 2:14:59 PM
A Graveyard Smash

Some might say that the "different" main endings are a contrived mess that I rushed out after realising I haven't got any free time this weekend. This is nothing but slander.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/19/2022 9:29:01 AM

I'll take a number 17 to go, please.

Reading with Aphantasia. on 5/1/2022 3:03:54 PM

If you've never read any Isaac Asimov I'd recommend giving it a try. It's likely that he had aphantasia, and that shows in his writing. There is very little visual description in his books. I can't remember where I found it, but I read an article a while ago by a guy with aphantasia saying he found Asimov's writing much easier to read than most other books.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/22/2022 5:50:11 AM

I'd have to agree with what everyone else has said. Maybe a couple more days of testing and I reckon you'll be good to go. Like Ogre said, we've been purposefully looking for bugs, and I've played this slightly differently than I normally would do to, clicking on links in weird orders etc. If there's any bugs left that we haven't found then its unlikely for the average player to find them in a normal read. I'm a bit busy, but I'll try and get at least one other play through in over the weekend. 

In terms of 'payment', I'd love a new review on Arthur Quillwyrm when I eventually republish it. Not sure when that's likely to be, so for now I'll just accept playing this game as reward on its own ;)

Sir Arthur Quillwyrm: A progress thread on 4/18/2022 6:27:38 PM

As I have realised I have a tendency to do, I have allowed my ideas for where I want this to go spiral to a possibly unmanagable size. To cut it off from becoming too much I have streamilned things considerably. I have decided to remove most of the stats and variables, and keep it as a simple mulitpath story. There are still a few cases of decisions not having an immediate effect, but for the most part now once a choice has been made then its a new branch and thats that.

This has meant cutting out essentially the entire childhood section, which is most of what was included in the version I uploaded for the lords of the lands comp, but all in the name of progress.


As a side not, I've discovered that microsoft word tells you off for swearing, which I find hilarious.


Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/18/2022 6:06:07 PM

Honestly I wasn't doing this with the bribery opportunity in mind, I just had a bit of free time this weekend and decided to spend it testing other people's games rather than working on my own lol. But I might keep that those reviews open for later games I publish if thats an option.

With the agility thing I have no idea, sorry. I think my starting agility was -1, but then I didn't really pay attention to it as I was playing, and I don't recall anything happening that would have raised it. I drank a couple of the orkish drinks, but I assume they're just health potions. Found a pair of cursed boots and then lost said cursed boots, but I can't remember if they affected my agility. Left donations at a couple of shrines, I don't know if that actually has any effect on anything. Can't think of anything else I did that might have changed it otherwise.

Also, quick question (if this is explained somewhere in the rules and I missed it then sorry): does keeping any items at the end alter your likelihood of getting a different ending? e.g. keeping my shining sword would have increased chance of getting paladin? I wasn't sure so just sold everything to up my copper score.

The bandit surviving at 0 wasn't really an issue, if its a massive pain to change then I'd say its fine as it is.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/18/2022 1:43:45 PM

A few bugs/typos I noticed:


Typo when investigating the crystals with air blowing through them “faking the sound slightly fuller”.

If you go into the room with the ghoul in the tomb and investigate before opening the tomb, then the game seems to think I’ve already killed the ghoul. I was able to investigate the tomb, get the axe, go into the sanctum, and when I came out of the sanctum the ghoul’s corpse is slumped over the tomb. Although if I then leave back into the hall and then go back into the crypt again, it then attacks me.

I was somehow teleported when investigating a shrine and ended up at a different one? I was at the shrine for the spider goddess, I investigated and found a daiel candle and then was suddenly at daiels shrine by the room full of statues.

South of Gridok's waypoint, the description says there is a branch off to the east leading to a room, but it isn't there on the map or as a link.

In the final battle the double sword bandit cuts open each of ‘yoru’ arms.

I think you might have missed the bandits when changing the enemies to die at 0 instead of -1. I got the lead bandit to 0 and he survived.


Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/18/2022 1:31:51 PM

Playtest Scores:




Strength(3), Constitution(1), Precision(3), Agility(4), Charisma(-1), Will(1), Intellect(-1), Perception(-1), Health(26 / 32), Mana(1 / 3)


Adventurer(1), Rogue(141 / 145), Mage(24 / 140), Ranger(10 / 45), Bard(65 / 160), Necromancer(0 / 10)


Arrak(1), Thoed(0), Daiel(1), Qin(0), Morrivik(0)


Fireball(2), Phasing(0), Stone to Flesh(0), Blink(0), Speed(0), Ghostly Energy(0), Healing(0), Fortitude(0), Arcane Ward(0), Spider Climb(0), Unlock(0), Gust of wind(0), Keen Eyesight(0), Detect Magic(0), Invisibility(0), Speak Language(0), Psychic Attack(0)


Investigate(66), Dagger(19)


Orcish(3), Healing(0), Sparkling(0)


Completion(44 / 52)


General Questions:

1) Do you think this game belongs in the fantasy or puzzle/game category? Personally I think this would feel most at home in the fantasy category.

2) Does this game’s diffculty rating of 5/8 and maturity rating of 4/8 seem accurate? I'd bump up the difficulty rating a bit, but maturity feels accurate to me.

3) Any suggestions on a title?  'Penetrate Craig's Cave'

4) What do you think of the game’s description? I like it, accurate description of what to expect.

5) How would you rate this on CYS’s 8-point scale?  At the moment I'd probably go with a 7. If it was expanded on a bit more I'd go up to 8. But, that's based on one play through where I was more focused on play testing than searching for the different epilogues, so that rating may well go up with another playthrough.

Resource questions:

1) Did you feel you had access to enough health potions quickly enough?  Honestly, I didn't really feel like I needed to use many. I went full armour, so was pretty tanky.

2) Did you feel you had access to enough mana?  I had a strength build, so I used like one fire spell against a statue (which didn't work, duh) and then stuck to using melee for the rest of the game.

3) At any time, did you attempt to use an item or spell in a logical way but were unable to? N/A

4) Anything else about resources you’d like to add?  Armour did feel a bit OP. I get its weight means you can't dodge as well, but I never felt like I needed to. With plate mail and shield I was pretty invulnerable and could just tank most damage.


1) Did combats seem too long or too short?  It seemed appropriate at the start of the game, but didn't really scale imo. By the end I had a ton of armour and magical weapons, so I'd slash a couple times and they'd be dead.

2) Did you feel combat provided you with options using a wide variety of skills?  I probably didn't go for the best build in terms of variety value, but I had a good range of weapons. Although the cursed sword kind of ruins that a bit. I'll be interested to try again using a magic or archer style character.

3) What combat strategy did you use?  One weapon and slash constantly. Again, I don't know if that's just the particular build I had this playthrough or if I would end up doing the same regardless.

4) Anything else about combat you’d like to add?


1) Was finding and learning spells too much effort, or just enough of a challenge?  I learnt one whole spell, and then didn't bother after that because I had like 3 max mana lol

2) Was finding spell components too hard? I felt like I had loads of components, but since I wasn't using spells I've no idea if they would have been enough or not.

3) In what way did you use duration-based spells? 

4) Did you use spells in combat?  

5) Anything else about spellcasting you’d like to add?


1) Were the dungeon secrets too hard or too easy to find?  I noticed that in this playthrough I had lower perception than my previous one where I died, and didn't notice things I had before. I feel like I did find enough secrets to keep things interesting though.

2) Did the amount of the dungeon you had time to explore seem fair?  I felt like I had enough health to explore the whole dungeon tbh. But I got lost and somehow stumbled across the entrance again so left before I'd found them all.


1) Did the endgame sequence add to the game?  The bandits were pretty easy for me to defeat, so didn't really add much to me. I carried the wounded one back to the village, but I then couldn't tell if that changed my epilogue at all past a bit of flavour.

2) Which endings did you find?  Just got the basic adventurer one. I didn't spot any obvious way to get the more interesting ones, so I'm curious to go looking for them in a replay.

3) Would you say this game has good replay value?  I feel like exploring the dungeon could become a bit repetitive, and I'll know how to solve puzzles etc, but I think the different play styles and different epilogues add some good replayability. I definitely want to try again.


1) Was the dungeon layout easy to follow?  Pictures were definitely a nice addition. Don't think there was any point where I didn't understand which way I was going.

2) Were the rules easy to understand and was the game easy to understand without reading the rules? I checked the rules once or twice to clarify things, but it was pretty easy to understand what I was doing.

3) What was your favorite/least favorite aspect of gameplay?  Spellcasting, simply because I didn't utilise it. All in all, each aspect was enjoyable imo.

4) Should there be more replay options?  I’m considering adding a replay option, where you reenter the dungeon after getting one of the endings.  You’d keep your stats and items, and there would be a “class ability” added to each of the endings 2-11, which will appear in your inventory when you replay the game.  For example, mages would get some new spells and mana, the enchanted lute for bards would be ungraded to be useful in combat or for healing purposes, necromancers would get some kind of necromantic spells, paladins would get a healing ability of some kind, etc.

I don't know if that's necessary, but I'd definitely be interested to try that out if you do end up implementing it.

5) Did you run into any bugs or typos?  I spotted a few minor ones, I'll add a separate comment underneath this one for them.

6) Any other comments/feedback about the game?  I hope ant criticisms I've mentioned here don't put you off at all, I do think this is genuinely a well written and entertaining game.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/17/2022 4:39:24 PM

Playtest scores:

Succumb to your injuries
The various injuries you have received have become too much for you to continue. Your vision grows dark, and you collapse to the ground unconscious. You bleed out shortly after.


HEALTH is -2.
End Game and Leave Comments


I’ll do a proper full playthrough before answering all the questions, but here’s a couple of minor things I picked up.

I died fighting against a ghoul I found in a tomb. I did lower its health to 0 whilst my health was still positive, but then went into another round of combat. Does enemy health need to be below 0 to defeat them?

Also, I thrust with my spear and got the text “you slash your sword”. I then tried throwing my spear at the ghoul and got “You hurl your spear at the bear”.

One other point, I noticed in the rat room there was a couple of times when a rat succesfuly attacked and sunk its teeth into my arm, but my health didn't go down.

Corgi's Contest: Lords of the Land II on 4/14/2022 10:44:07 AM

Congrats Ogre and everyone else who succesfully submitted something! And of course thank you to the judges for reading through them all. I look forward to the chainsaws vs leapords deathmatch.