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Hello there!

My name is Alex, I'm from Romania, and ,as you guessed, I like marmots.

Game reviewer, programmer, designer, artist, beta-tester  and translator, chat& forum moderator for many websites and games, former employee of the American Embassy in Bucharest, Romania

Worked as chef, bartender, waiter, swimming instructor, DJ, museum guide, and many others.

Currently, I am the leader of the High Order of the Great Marmots,  an internet group that seeks to get rid of  spammers, flooders and other weak trolls, and to introduce higher forms of trolling ( not the crap you see everywhere). 


I am working on multiple series, both on this site and real life.  List of my works;

The " Skyron" series.

Skyron: Dark Skies

Skyron 2: Return of Arcanus

Skyron 3: The Empire of a Thousand Suns

Skyron 4: Darksyde & Omega9


The ''Sliverbow" series

Silverbow: War of the Planes

Silverbow 2: Return of the Etherwalker

Silverbow 3: Gates of the Underworld


The " Legend " series

A Blaze of Glory

A Blaze of Glory 2: Last Days of the Federation

A Blaze of Glory 3: The Black Temple

The Warden: Crown of Mists

The Warden 2: Equinox of the Broken Moon

The Warden 3: Death's Last Stand

The Warden 4: Crown of the Fallen

DemonRage: The Demonlord

DemonRage 2: Countdown to Extinction

DemonRage 3: Nexus of the Unholy

DemonRage 4: Spirits of the Past

Rat Story : The Brothers

Rat Story 2: Flames of Hatred

Rat Story 3: Ashes of the Future

Rat Story 4: Independence Day

Fallen: The Shard Hunter

Fallen 2: The Last Dragon

Fallen 3: Revenge of the Deathguard

Fallen 4: Beggining of the End

Heroes of Kronnland : Night of the Ancients

Heroes of Kronnland 2: Rise of the Tundra Giants

Heroes of Kronnland 3: Return of the Warden

Heroes of Kronnland 4: Wrath of the Ascended One

Heroes of Kronnland 5: Curse of the Spiderlord

Heroes of Kronnland 6: Dark Tides

Heroes of Kronnland 7: Rise of the Shattered



You can find me in different places:

I also used to have a website and a blog, but since nobody was actually interested, I deleted them.

I've been deducted 100 points because of two drunkards and my ex gf, and another 100 points for no reason. shame i didn't had 300 points, otherwise they might have deducted them too.  But it happened worse to me. I banned myself on WikiAnswers only to see if it's possible.... Apparently,, it is, so don't try.

Also, you can call me Steve. Don't ask why.

I also play Heroes of Ardania, Riftforge, Adventure Quest Worlds, Majesty: Medieval Might,  Cultures Online, The West and others.


Check out my other CYS account:

I got stranded from this account for 2 years, so I had to make a new one... and now I can't give up on any... so i'm stuck with two accounts. BEAR with me. Also, because of this, I ain't accepting any duel invites EVER AGAIN. On either account.




A Blaze of Glory: Chapter One

Explains the background of Danny Blaze, the central character in my future project, "The Warden" series.
Also, contains 2 campaigns with the progression of other two characters.



Made in 2012

Revised in 2014

A Blaze of Glory 2 : Last Days of the Federation

Part 2 of "A Blaze of Glory".
Continues the story, but from a different point of view ( no three campaigns, like the first one ).
Note: This is more a story than a game. If you haven't read the first one, there's a short summary of it at the start of this one.
Also, there's no possible way to lose.  So rate just for the story. If you don't want to read, just press the only link available on each page. You'll get over it fast.

Heroes of Kronnland : Night of the Ancients

In the gigantic continent of Kronnland, 32 factions fight for survival. One hero from each race realises that their goals are the same.....
A fantasy storygame based on an upcoming flash RPG.

Started in 2011, the Romanian animated series RObotzi became famous even before their third episode. They now passed 50 episodes and I'll do mu best to translate their jokes.

Skyron 2: Return of Arcanus

Eight thousand years after the destruction of the Earth, the aliens fight for the control of the Universe against a small faction of humans, led by Arcanus. When Arcanus is annihilated, the humans use their technologies to re-create him from a piece of DNA... but it's not only Arcanus' DNA in the sample.....

Skyron 3: Downfall of the Empire

The Empire of a Thousand Suns is taken over, piece by piece, by Space Pirates. Will one man, Jet Gunner, be able to stop the powerful Eray the Black from destroying the Universe?

Skyron 4: Darksyde-Omega9

Betrayal from the inside, endless war and Pirate raids left the Empire shattered.....will it be returned to it's former glory? To make matters worse, two hackers, Darksyde and Omega9 want you dead at all costs.....

Skyron: Dark Skies

The story of 49 years old norwegian aviator Jan Aalsborg, who finds out he's one of the last living descendant of an ancient alien.
Will he be able to stop an oncoming alien invasion?

The Warden 2: Equinox of the Broken Moon

Second part of the "The Warden " series.

The Warden 3: Death's Last Stand

Third part of the "The Warden" series.

The Warden: Crown of Mists

First of the "The Warden" series.

Recent Posts

[Point Rewards] Draw My Attention to Something! on 6/12/2014 1:45:22 AM

"people can see how it was before" No, before it was riddled with grammar mistakes and ALL comments talk about it. A newbie who wants to read the comments before playing  (I do it every time)  will see " LOL GRAMMAR SUCKS" or the milder " the story was good but the grammar was horrendous"  .


I don't want them to get the wrong idea of the game. I can say that all pre-2014 comments are referring to another game, because, now with all the grammar fixed, I actually filled some plot holes that appeared when I made mistakes such as writing "then" instead of "than" or similar ones.  It also makes a whole lot more sense now, as I only THOUGHT I put in some parts of the story when I originally posted it, but errors when writing pages ( when I finished writing a page, it simply deletes all I just wrote and redirects me to an error page) have caused it to be really...... "why are the characters acting like that?" , and this thing is also fixed now.


Also, when I unpublished it a few weeks ago, it said all comments were going to be deleted. WHY WEREN'T THEY????

[Point Rewards] Draw My Attention to Something! on 6/12/2014 1:37:33 AM

revision as in grammar revision. My grammar back when I first published it was worse than I may want to admit.

[Point Rewards] Draw My Attention to Something! on 6/11/2014 10:06:12 AM

I'd like all comments on my only published storygame that are before 2014 to be deleted, as they are referring to an old version of the story.

I unpublished it twice and revised it 2 weeks ago but the comments returned when i re-published it.

I don't want the points, I just want all the misleading comments gone


The story:

Super Secret Bug on 6/11/2014 8:37:13 AM

errr, the only email i got on June 9 this year was the monthly update from HiveWorkshop....

Memes and Images on 6/7/2014 7:56:21 AM

well, I don't see how pic spamming can be considered in-context conversation/example , so yeah, unless you also put a paragraph of text beside the pic, you shouldn't be surprised when your post disappears .

Memes and Images on 6/7/2014 5:41:07 AM

I agree, but memes can also be put to good use. For example, offers users to change the caption as they want, possibly making it in-context for whatever the discussion in CYS is. I view those as useful.  Of course, one containing one word or an already overused meme with barely any relation to the discussion is not right, but if it's relevant, I guess it could stay.


And of course, if the image is the only content of a post, then i'm really unimaginative and may brand the poster as "person lacking creativity", because that's what they are. If the only answer you can think of can be described by  a meme, then I will doubt your ability to impress me with your writing skills.

MANLY GAMES!!!!! on 6/6/2014 12:01:49 PM

You're fat.

*eats madbrad200 , Carnivine, and the guy in the pic"

MANLY GAMES!!!!! on 6/6/2014 6:27:49 AM

*eats Tim*

Not spicy enough!

Parental Rights Discussion on 6/5/2014 5:01:50 PM

The law is a compromise,a s the situation CAN be solved, but it's tricky. It really depends no the parent. if the parents  are the kind that will scold the kid for having SDTs despite the fact that it doesn't help, then it's better for the parent to know, but if the parent is caring and will do her best to take care of their own child without asking her/him " why did you let this happen?" on a scolding tone, then the parent should know the problem exists.But how to know what kind is each parent? Hard to determine, law-wise.


Of course, teenagers first need to be educated to avoid this kind of things, so this kind of situations are avoided. I feel that regular medical checks to prevent these situations should be enforced, not laws to hide it from parents.

Why did I wrote a poem to Lord Sauron? on 6/5/2014 12:05:29 PM

Is that a slow, sarcastic clap, or a cheerful one?