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Hey there!  My name's Rip.  Definitely glad to have found the site and I hope to contribute to the fun and creativity that's already here.  You guys and girls seem like a helpful crew and I've appreciated the comments and advice that I've already received from my first game: Personal Demons.  It certainly is different writing a story game than it is reading one!  Even as short as my story was, there was so much writing and continuity to worry about.  It definitely gives me an appreciation for the intense time and work that goes into these stories, so thank you all for taking the time to do that to entertain others!


Personal Demons

A professional wrestler grapples with more than physical opponents in this tale.
With supernatural beings clamoring for control of our protagonist...will he be able to get his life on track, advance his career, and keep from losing his mind?
Only time will tell!

(This game has a mix of action, humor, romance, and moral decisions with a modern day setting with paranormal themes.)

**This is my 1st game, so any input would be greatly appreciated.  Any questions or comments...send them my way!  Hope you enjoy it!**

There are 4 ranked endings for each character.  2 Top Contender endings and 2 Champion endings for each.  For the ultimate'll need to beat the game 6 times!

A Legend in The Making

You are Witter, a sarcastic rogue wandering through a medieval, fantasy realm. You will make friends and enemies along the way, but only you can decide how you deal with each issue that comes your way.

Do you choose the path of the unlikely hero? The mercenary? The thief? Your decisions may not always impact the world, but they will certainly affect the lives of those around you.

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