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Wanna know anything about me?

No you don't.

And if you do, I don't care. it's not like you dictate my life. Bitch.


3J keeps me at gunpoint. That doesn't mean you can do it too. Bitch.

I listen to rock music mostly, but enjoy some other genres from time to time.

Oh, and I have leukemia. Seriously.


Formerly known as the infamous Marmotlord.






Not accepting Duel Invites. BECAUSE OF REASONS.


Rat Story

Part of the larger "Legends" stories, Rat Story explains the side-story of a Ratman from the mythical Kronnland, who finds his long-lost brother....

Note: This story has two "good" endings.

Grand Theft Auto: The Story

A storygame version of the storylines from the hit video game series "Grand Theft Auto".  The games' storylines are intertwined and , while the games were not released chronologically, here they are presented correctly. The order is:

1. GTA Vice City Stories (set in 1984) , with protagonist Victor Vance, a soldier with responsibilities

2. GTA Vice City (set in 1986) with protagonist Tommy Vercetti, a Mafia made man with a debt

3. GTA San Andreas (set in 1992) with protagonist Carl Johnson, a street gangster on the run

4. GTA Liberty City Stories (set in 1998) with protagonist Toni Cipriani, a returning Mafia enforcer

5. GTA III (set in 2001) with protagonist Claude Speed, a bankrobber in search for revenge.

GTA The Trilogy

This a text version of the GTA series games made by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North (copyrighted by Rockstar Games, a subsidiary of Take Two Interactive Software). Both fans of the series and those who never heard of it will understand it. The text version allows me to fill many plotholes that are present in the actual games. Most of the dialogue is taken directly from the games. Despite the games being released in a random order, they are arranged in the correct timeline here, with Vice City being the first, being set in 1986, San Andreas in 1992 and III in 2001. Note that the GTA VCS and GTA LCS, set in 1984 and 1999 respectively, are not described here as I do not own them. These are just the stories of Tommy Vercetti, a mafia goon with a huge debt, Carl 'CJ' Johnson, a street gangster on the rise, and Claude, a mute bankrobber betrayed by his friends.

RObots - the series

Based on the Romanian animated mini-serial, "RObotzi".
Translation and adaptation done by me.


At the NIRR (National Institute of Robotic -Romania), two old-fashioned, outdated robots, MO and F.O.C.A (or "Foca") are left to guard the deposit.....
The only problem is that MO is an obscene lazy dumb drunkard and Foca owes a lot to the Institute's Director.

Will they survive the encounters with mythical creatures, aliens, robo-mafia, robo-zombies , shady characters and even the Grim Reaper? Well, who cares, it's not real, they always come back the next episode for more crap.


A sci-fi post-apocalyptic story.


Partial proofreading by 31TeV.

Contains elements from the "Sonny" flashgame franchise (all rights reserved to Krin Juangbhanich), "Team Fortress 2" ( all rights reserved to Valve) and "Jets'N'Guns" (all rights reserved to RakeInGrass)

The Armor Collector

The ever-expanding Blackmoon Empire employs the Bloodhill Enforcers, an elite mercenary group, and their leader, Commander Ardan, to  conquer  the many kingdoms established on an outlying island in the Empire's name. Will Ardan stay true to his mission, despite mysterious disappearances in his ranks, lack of trust from the Empire and the promises of fortune from the Island's defenders?

Vane & Steve

This story takes place inside the world of Ardania, from the 2001 PC game "Majesty", also known from newer titles such as "Warlock: Master of the Arcane" and "Defenders of Ardania"

The story follows two heroes: Vane Gilded-Leaf, a cynical Elf who is always out of luck, and Steve Nightwalker, an Adept at the Temple to Lunord, the Moon God, who wants fame, but his stupidity doesn't grant him success.

Other characters :
-Gerry Stonehammer, a retired Dwarf who has to babysit his retarded cousin
-Otto Badgerbrain, the retarded cousin of Gerry
-Kaseph, notorious leader of a criminal Rogue organization
-Red Tree, an insane Cultist who knows he's in a video game
-Gorin Blackhoof , a sentient Minotaur mercenary
-Redron the Right, A Paladin from the Game Development Team
-Supreme Hoe of Terror, a Gnome with impossibly high stats

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Im turning off the laptop right now.

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Your ass is so tight.... damn.....

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your lack of trust is getting on my nerves.


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Aww, poetry, for me, why thank you, you're so sweet <3

Oh wait, this is getting too serious, i'll just friendzone you.

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its not anger, i'm dead serious.

I want to see the giant-ass tires crush every inch of your bones as your blood is  splattered over the ground behind like  a jolly shower of happiness. I want to see the terrror in your bloodshot eyes as your insides are minced and turned into a dusty mass of gore.

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I'm also partially homophobic so  try not to hit on me in public.

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I still want to run you over in a monster truck while raping a girl with Burzum playing in the background.

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Thank goodness.

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I fear I might cause the apocalypse if I use my brain like that again. Not joking.

At least brain damage to self is guaranteed. Maybe im the next Stephen Hawking.

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Since when is coins a comedian