Choose your own birthday adventure

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Welcome to your birthday present Darling!

I've chosen to give you something very personal, something that's difficult to choose without your help.

So without delay please start the game to choose your perfect birthday present.

I love you Matty. Happy Birthday darling xox :)

Player Comments

-- Kate on 7/23/2016 2:48:30 PM with a score of 0
You probably would've been better off spending a couple hours fleshing everything out and fixing mistakes, etc. As it is, I give this a 2.
-- igulat on 11/27/2015 11:21:14 AM with a score of 0
A good short story to keep yourself entertained for some five minutes or so...Not bad at all!
-- Ross on 8/16/2015 12:53:09 PM with a score of 0
I laughed so hard for some reason
-- Juliet on 6/3/2015 12:19:50 PM with a score of 0
Short boring lame
-- Bored on 1/12/2015 3:17:32 PM with a score of 0
Not bad, but not the best either. also, was this meant for someone?
-- Shinobi on 1/8/2015 12:44:41 AM with a score of 0
Not very well, just not very well.

Towards the beginning, you have about two options per page. Strangely, only one option leads you to the next page, where-as the next option leads to a 'comment and rate' page. Really? No ending for the option? C'mon.

Secondly, you're simply thrown in there. I mean, I know it isn't supposed to be all about long characters and heavy plots, but I honestly didn't care about any characters. My favorite was the Soviet Wom*a*n. And that was only because she literally shoved it up her ass.

Also, even when you get to the actual ending, there's no resolution or climax. Like, right before the ending, it just cuts off.

But, it is funny, which negates the amount of negativity my previous points carry. 3/8.
-- Corvo on 9/14/2014 7:44:28 PM with a score of 0
lol good and funney
-- computersuresrex on 9/10/2014 1:49:51 PM with a score of 0
Hmm.. its ok , it is kind of funny !and its original. rated 5/8
-- ChibiChu on 8/10/2014 4:03:30 AM with a score of 0
It was okay, although I recommend lengthening it and/or adding more choices. I understand that this is possibly a birthday present, however. I would expect a lot more in it if this is really the case. However it is okay, you could do a lot more with it.
-- TheSophia on 7/23/2014 6:39:51 PM with a score of 0
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