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Hey guys,there's not much to say sorry.


Spirit Ranger

There are three vocations that these people are born with.But they are from a different world.

There are Spirit Rangers,Spirit Hunters,and Spirit Keepers.

Spirit Rangers:They help keep spirits in peace and not have them fight each other.They fight spirits that leave and go to earth and take over a dead person's body.A Spirit Ranger can rip the spirit out of a living thing.The could also restore the spirit back into the person's body.They could also store a Spirit into a random object that they find.

Spirit Hunter:Do almost the same as a spirit ranger but they can brutally kill a spirit and prosecute a bad spirit in they own way,they don't store spirits in to an object only release them from,but only if it's the same object and spirit that could be restored.That's the only time.

Spirit Keepers:Help spirits find peace even if they had a bad childhood or a really bad life and that killed themselves.Keepers can help them find peace.They also have more energy to store spirits into an object.

But there's only one very strict rule to all people of that world.No one can kill any body in the Physical world otherwise that person is exiled from ever returning to their home.Even if they're life was on the line.

There are also people in that world.But the world is called Junji
(Juun-gee)The people aren't Spirits they have a physical body.But there are some Spiritual citizens there,and children,but there are mostly physical bodied.Spirit Rangers,Hunter,or keeper could leave Junji and go to Earth.They could also take a Spirit friend with them,but they must be stored in a object.Usually they could use objects that look like thrift store antiques.

The Missing Kid

Special notice:This story runs in episodes,how many depends,cliffhangers,Probably.Cliffhanger haters don't know.Hope you guys enjoy the story.Episode two will come soon.

The story is short and there aren't many choices but just...bare with me guy hope you guys enjoy it.A heads it's only three pages long.sorry I'll write more pages next time.

This story is a about a young boy who was presumed dead he meets a young woman named Kafe' he gives her a surprise attack has a war.Kafe's father was a very good man,and his partner was a very good friend.But his partner ends uo betraying him and shoots him.Leaving Kafe,and her Mother alone.Kafe's Mother broken her arm when she heard about the news of her husband and she gets released because she has no use will her arm was broken,she was given 500 dollar if she were to test facility drugs.The boy's parents are dead of their addiction.The mother died from liquor,and the glass stuck inside the body,along with cuts,and blood.The Father from a car accident getting ripped to pieces.

The main character(s):

Kafé Kinsman(Kah-fehy),Abel Hanzoman

Chief characters:

Samuel Grady,Officer Peter,Officer Quinn.

These two are the youngest officers in the LAPD.Kafe' was a thief at a young age she joined the LAPD to avenge her father.Samuel is twenty-one.Kafe' is one of the reckless one there are on the field.But a regular person out of work.Samuel has to tell her to calm down when she goes to far.Samuel's partner got killed the last time they was stopping a robbery(Kafe' was not there)His partner Frankie was shot and killed.

The chief thinks that Samuel should have a partner that won't slack off during the hours.That's when Kafe' becomes Samuel's new partner.The two do not get along,as if they were siblings that can't agree with each other,they'll learn to get along sooner,or later.Kafé' then meets a young kid that somehow got into her apartment and ambushes her.The history of this kid's is probably the last one to hold his family name.

Abel's family has secrets.Later in the story he will tell the rest the story.Kafe' will tell the first parts.But the next chapter and through out the story Abel will tell the story.

Good Luck!

The Missing kid part 2

This is a continued episode from the the last one.Apparently the first episode had problems getting published.That episode will be late,It's extremely crazy!

But the story is in second person.But you are playing as Abel Hanzoman.You learn that there is something else that's with your BPD(Borderline Personality disorder).

You go back to Los Angeles to meet a family the was close to your's.

Two hundred and six years old

(This is a story preview to let you guys know.)

You are a six year old boy that was from the nineteenth century.You was found well preserved,and somehow still alive.You are woken up in a hospital,then an orphanage.

You have very little memory of your past.But you were given certain types of medication in order for your body to survive when you was in the hospital.

When you leave the orphanage building to walk around at night,you feel the coldness because of these three scars on your lower jaw.

The rest of the boy's life will be told.